Only Murders in the Building Recap for The Show Must…..

Only Murders in the Building Recap for The Show Must.....

Only Murders in the Building Recap for The Show Must…..


The episode opens with Charles talking about life being a stage as a young girl watches a play on Broadway. He narrates how that play made her want to be an actress and watch the play up close.


The girl grew up to prepare for her own acting career by learning dance, going on auditions and rehearsing….all as Charles continues to narrate.


The girl kept getting rejections, still holding onto hope.


Oliver and his director are holding auditions for their play when a woman walks in, claiming her agent notified them of her audition. There was a misunderstanding, but they let her audition anyway. She nails the audition….and it is revealed that she is none other than that little girl with a big dream. Oliver wonders where she has been.


Charles warns that when someone gets their dream, they might go very far to hang onto it.


The show jumps to a year later with Ben dying on stage with everyone panicking. Charles and Mabel wonder what is going on while Howard tries to calm Oliver down.


Flashback! The trio meets up for the first time in a long time. Charles is in the play and Mabel is offering moral support. They do their usual bickering as they head to the table read. Howard is there as Oliver’s assistant.


Oliver explains the concept of the play and prepares them for Broadway. Everyone also gives their own introduction, with Charles going on about his self-importance.

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Oliver finally puts a stop to it and moves on while Mabel narrates about theatre being lame. She only likes this one because it is a murder mystery.


Ben finally arrives with his manager/brother Dickie and immediately cracks jokes. He also lays on the charm with everyone and makes everyone sign NDAs for his corresponding docuseries. He continues to talk to and charm everyone, especially Loretta (the little girl with the big dream). Mabel is even smitten with him.


The read through begins and it is learned that Ben lives in Amy Schumer’s old apartment. He also argues with his brother over cookies.


Loretta begins to read while Ben acts obnoxious. Howard narrates. Oliver gets annoyed when Loretta uses different accents to get into character. He wants her to just read it as herself. She also loses her place in the script and continues to annoy Oliver.


Later on, Ben tells Oliver she doesn’t want to work with Loretta. However, Oliver wants to keep her. He does has a talk with her and she begs for him not to give up on her. Oliver gives her a pep talk and promises that if she goes, he goes.


Back in the present day, Oliver is still freaking out and yells at Charles when he suggests canceling the cast party.


Oliver talks talks to the director and her son Cliff, who tell him that the death is trending along with Real Housewives. Meanwhile, the elevator isn’t working, so Lester tells them all to be patient and remain calm.

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He continues to freak out as he gets into the newly fixed elevator. Uma snarks about him keeping the murderer out of the building.


The party is awkward with Howard and Jonathan bickering with the stage director. Mabel talks to Oliver about her theory of Ben being poisoned while Charles gets a drink with Joy.


Loretta plays the piano and sings with Oliver. As they continue to bond, Ben shows up….ALIVE! He says he died for an hour (which Dickie denies)and has a dramatic moment about the entire experience. He continues to charm and appeal to everyone, making promises and apologizing for previous behavior.


The play is back on! Mabel asks Loretta if she is happy with it, but she insults Ben.


Mabel arrives home, but texts the guys to meet at the diner. Even though they meet up, she feels left out since the guys are still so close. She tells them that her aunt sold the apartment and she is moving in a month.


Oliver talks about chasing dreams in his narration as the gang reflects on the podcast. They get into the newly fixed elevator….only to have Ben’s dead body crash through the ceiling, dripping with blood. Uma screams ‘you have got to be fucking kidding me!’ as the episode comes to a close.

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