Only Murders in the Building Recap for The Beat Goes On

Only Murders in the Building Recap for The Beat Goes On

Only Murders in the Building Recap for The Beat Goes On


The second episode is Ben narrating his death and what was going through his mind.


Flashback: Ben complains to Oliver about the play and the baby being the prime suspect. Oliver assures him everything will be fine.


Present day. Oliver is freaking out because people are striking in front of the theatre and because his people are pulling the plug. He grabs the doll prop and storms off.


Mabel watches an old TV show of Ben’s and flashes back to the night Ben died. Uma and Oliver ran for help while she took pictures of the crime scene. She then imagines a conversation with Ben as his character. She spills her insecurities out on him. Ben talks about feeling the same way when he was her age. He offers her some advice and tells her that she will figure out her life and who killed him.


Charles opens a gift from Ben when Oliver comes over to help him get ready for the funeral. Oliver is surprised he is going to the funeral, leaving them to argue. Mabel shows up to go with him. Charles wonders if it is because of her childhood crush, but she denies this.


They arrive and are sent to the overflow three room (much to Oliver’s chagrin). He is determined to get to his producers and into the main room, but ends up making a fool out of himself.

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Mabel talks to a man named Gregg who knows about her past. He is a security guard and fills her in on the different people in the room. He admits he is investigating ans invites her to help.


Gregg takes Mabel and Charles into a room that is a shrine to Ben’s show Girl Cop. However, instead of helping them, he knocks them out with chloroform.


Oliver talks to a reviewer about his directors. He is still freaking out about it and convinces her to help him keep the play open. However, she says she didn’t like the play and was planning on giving it a bad review. Oliver flashes back to working with Ben and helping him prepare for his role as he has a heart attack.


Charles and Mabel talk while being held captive. He loves her strong sense of justice and she admits how Girl Cop helped her get through her dad’s death and her mom’s depression. The show also helped her mom get through her grief as well.

Charles admits he was the one who acted badly in the feud with Ben.

There is a flashback with him arguing with Ben and it turns out Ben was supposed to be on Brazzos but Charles got him fired. It is something that stayed with him and now he plans on making Charles’s life hell.


In present day, Charles says it is too late to make things right.


Gregg is there to kill them and accuses Charles of killing Ben. He tries to suffocate Mabel with a handkerchief which belonged to Ben.

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The cops rescue Charles and Mabel and say they know of them because of Detective Williams. They were onto Gregg for the past 48 hours and caught him leaving the Arconia.


Oliver is with the doctor and Will. He has high blood pressure and needs a heart monitor. The doctor also tells him to reduce stress. Oliver still wants to do the play, but the doctor warns him to be careful.


Charles and Mabel discuss what happened with Gregg. She doesn’t think he is the killer because Ben also had a hankie on him when he died….leading her to believe the killer was part of the play.


Oliver has a dream about his stress starring Will, Charles and Mabel in a musical. He calls his directors and tells them that he has a new idea…which they love. The play is back on, but in a whole new direction. He goes to tell Charles and Mabel, who tell him the podcast is back on as the episode comes to a close.

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