Stars on Mars Recap for 7/31/2023

Stars on Mars Recap for 7/31/2023

Stars on Mars Recap for 7/31/2023

-Cat fighting with Andy over being in the bottom three and telling him how he should have handled things was kind of rude. Yes, she did make some valid points, but she is not handling it well at all.

-As an aside, I am LOVING her pink shirt and nail combo!

-It is so sweet to hear Lance talk so highly about his mother.

-Cat and Lance seem to have a special bond that is really sweet. I hope it lasts post show.

-It is time to vote for a new Base Commander! Cat and Porsha both want the job, so everyone else votes for who should win. Despite a vote for Lance and Paul, Cat ends up winning with three votes. Porsha got two.

-Porsha is not happy with this turn of events, so she complains and drinks while comparing herself to Eeyore. However, it is all in good fun because she is determined to prove herself.

-The tension is thick between Cat and Andy.

-I have no idea if Paul or Tinashe are single, but if they are, they would make the cutest couple.

-Cat hands out assignments–Lance and Andy go through trash while everyone else takes care of the stuff inside. Andy thinks Cat did this on purpose.

-Does anyone know if singing to plants actually works?

-Shatty Daddy tells them all that there is an emergency. Solar flares interfered with the electronics so they need to repair the solar panels.

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-Oh, and he loves them!

-Lance is the Mission Specialist. Ariel is not happy.

-Time for deployment! They must get rid of old cables, lay out new ones and reconnect power to the HAB.

-Things seem to run smoothly, despite the fact that , Andy is a pain in the ass in Cat’s eyes. (her words, not mine)

-However, things go wrong when the crew cannot see and they might not be able to finish the mission on time.

-Andy seems to be narrating everything and annoying the crew.

-Despite everything, the mission is a success. However, Shatty Daddy tells them someone must leave Mars.

-Andy, Adam and Paul are all in the bottom three with Andy going home. Anyone else thinks that this was a petty move on Cat’s part?

-More next week, stay tuned.

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