Young Sheldon Recap for 4/13/2023

Young Sheldon Recap for 4/13/2023

Young Sheldon Recap for 4/13/2023

The episode opens with MeeMaw and Georgie singing to CeeCee. As they teach her how to sing and clap, Mandy comes in to see what is going on, happy they let her sleep and that they took care of the baby.


The subject of Georgie’s birthday comes up and he says Mandy doesn’t have to get him anything because the baby is enough. They talk about him being of age finally and how MeeMaw and Mandy felt at eighteen.


Missy is still grounded and hating every minute of it. Sheldon is happy about it, even though he hates being on spring break. Mary and George try to enforce the punishment despite the fact that Missy tries to find things to do.


Mandy decides to do something nice for Georgie’s birthday and cons MeeMaw into cooking….and plans on getting Mary to make a cake.


Brenda brings Mary coffee and tries to make conversation about the baby, but Mary is not interested.


Missy tries to sneak watch 90210, but is caught by Sheldon. She tries to convince him that this is important, but he won’t let her watch, despite her threats of a purple nurple.


Brenda tells Mary she needs to write checks, resulting in Mary giving her an attitude. Brenda is upset because she thought they were friends, but Mary shoves Brenda’s relationship with George in her face, saying she is better friends with him than she is with her.

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Mary comes home and announces that she left her job because of Brenda. George tries to be nice, but she continues to be nasty and storms off.


Sheldon goes to talk to Missy and tells her he watched 90210 and tells her what happened with hilarious results. She tells him to pay attention to the music because those are the social cues. He is just happy to be learning.


Mary vents to Mandy about Brenda as MeeMaw comes in with the food for Georgie’s birthday. Georgie then comes in, saying he has plans with Amber for his birthday. He offers to have dinner with them on Sunday and goes to clean CeeCee up.


Sheldon continues to learn about social cues via music on 90210 when George asks what he is doing. He explains and George plays along, saying Dylan is upset because he is 30 years old and still in high school. They discuss the show and Sheldon is glad his dad can play guess the social cues via music.


Brenda comes over and says she isn’t leaving until she and Mary talk. Cue the music. (via Adult Sheldon)


Mary makes Georgie’s cake as Brenda tries to get her to talk. It doesn’t work until Brenda puts her fingers in the cake. Mary finally takes her outside and tells her to be aware of her actions.


Amber and Georgie are on their date, but it is uncomfortable because she thinks being a parent is probably a pain and he loves it.

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Sheldon and Missy talk 90210 and agree to watch together when Missy is ungrounded so they can see what happens with everyone.


Mary and Brenda come to an understanding and realize that they talked to Pastor Rob and George respectively because it was easier for them to talk to a third party. They then decide to talk to each other.


Georgie comes home and tells Mandy that he broke up with Amber. He tells her he wanted to be with her and CeeCee and she kisses him… he proposes.

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