Mean Girl Murders Recap for Mean Rodeo Queen

Mean Girl Murders Recap for Mean Rodeo Queen

Mean Girl Murders Recap for Mean Rodeo Queen

-This week’s Mean Girl Murders, titled Mean Rodeo Queen, focuses on the Miss Texas Rodeo Pageant, which sisters Camie and Jamie Frazier competed in as young women.

-Camie Frazier was one of those who vied for the title as Queen. She was beautiful, popular…..and even a little bit ruthless. The pageant competitor hailed from Dalhart, Texas and loved being in front of an audience. She won many titles growing up, so it was only natural that she would one day compete for the Miss Texas Rodeo title.

-In addition to competing, Camie was a family-oriented girl who was close with her siblings, particularly her younger sister Jamie, who was born when Camie was fourteen.

-As Camie’s pageant career progressed, the expectations got higher. She competed for the coveted Miss Texas Rodeo title, but lost. Since she was about to age out, there would not be an opportunity for a do-over.

-Jamie went on to follow in her sister’s footsteps, which put a rift in their relationship.

-Jamie and her dad Joel bonded over her pageant success, much to Camie’s anger. She ended up partying a lot and getting into fights with her family.

-Camie soon became pregnant and gave birth to her son Tommy. She never identified the father of her baby, but ended up with an old flame named Kory Tidrow. He didn’t get along with the family and seemed to be an outsider.

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-Jamie and Camie’s mom Donna died of liver disease, causing Joel to fall into a depression. Camie, Tommy and Kory moved in with Joel, with Jamie soon following to be nearby.

-Joel began dating, which upset his daughters, especially Camie.

-On July 14th, 2017, Jamie reports her father missing. By this time, she is on her own across town. She reported she hasn’t seen or heard from him in three days, but his car is still at the house, along with the hat he always wore. Afterward, she called Camie to tell her that their dad was missing.

-Police began a search of the house and questioned Camie, Tommy and Kory. They were all cooperative and told police Joel wasn’t feeling well a few days before. However, they figured he could have possibly been with a girlfriend.

-A mass search began for Joel, with another neighboring police department coming in for assistance. Camie told them Joel was drinking a lot and suggested that he could have been on a bender. Kory agreed with this, saying this happened every so often and last a couple of weeks.

-A woman named Gayle Maness, who was a drinking buddy of Joel’s was also questioned and claimed that Camie told her Joel was on a bender.

-On July 17th, 2017, Joel’s disappearance went viral, leading to Jamie being contacted by someone in Pennsylvania. The person claimed that they knew where Joel was. The person demanded ransom, leading to Jamie calling the police and staying in contact with the captor. She wanted to see a picture of him, but the person demanded money first. It soon became apparent that this was a scam.

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-Another man named Sammy Sifuentes is questioned and claims he saw Joel, Tommy and Camie at the rodeo a few days before the disappearance. He says he later on took Tommy home because he wanted to play a little longer. When he got to the house, Joel was nowhere to be found.

-More people are questioned and soon a big bombshell drops–Joel was not the biological father of Jamie.

-This causes conflict in the family, especially with the sisters. It was also revealed that Jamie would get everything left to her in Joel’s will. Camie got wind of this and was furious. The will was sent several times to the house but was never signed.

-A neighbor named Jena Thompson came forward saying that she saw Camie and Joel together around the time he disappeared.

-Camie soon became a suspect in the disappearance of her father.

-On November 1st, 2017, authorities get a tip that Joel was murdered and that his body was burned and at a butchering plant. A search took place and his body was finally found. A man named Benjamin Buck becomes the prime suspect since it is on his property.

-Benjamin is questioned and tells authorities that Kory called him and asked him to bring over a wheelbarrow….which would be used to move Joel’s body.

-Camie and Kory are then questioned as Benjamin gives a play by play on what happened to Joel. Camie demands a lawyer and she later pleads not guilty, as does Kory.

-The case begins against the couple and it turns out they poisoned Joel with a milkshake before killing him. It was all a case of anger and jealousy after Camie discovered that the will had been changed.

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-Kory and Camie both got life in prison.

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