America’s Most Wanted Recap for 2/26/2024

America’s Most Wanted Recap for 2/26/2024

America's Most Wanted Recap for 2/26/2024

AMERICA’S MOST WANTED: John Walsh in the AMERICA’S MOST WANTED episode airing Monday, Feb. 19 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOX ©2024 FOX Media LLC.

America’s Most Wanted Recap for 2/26/2024

-This is the season finale for America’s Most Wanted on Fox. As always, John and Callahan Walsh host and help bring some of the most notorious criminals to justice. As of this recap, they have captured 1,192 criminals (three this season alone!) and helped reunite many families who have had missing loved ones.

Davie Albarran has been captured and is now behind bars after being featured on the show. He was on the run after molesting his very own granddaughter. His daughters came on the show in hopes of bringing him to justice. He was captured in Lakeland, Florida, where he was staying with family members. The daughters thank the show for their work in leading to the arrest.



-Charlotte, NC. Truc Quan “Sandy” Ly Le was a young, ambitious girl who came to America from Vietnam after the death of her mother. She was a nursing student who worked at a Greek restaurant. While working, she met her boyfriend Alex Castillo.

-Sandy would soon leave the job to focus on school. At the time, she had lent Alex money, which he was to pay back the day she went missing. Despite expecting the money, she only withdrew more.

-Alex and another coworker named Ahmia Feaster (Alex’s new girlfriend) were also missing. On August 13th, 2016, the investigation took a shocking turn. Ahmia and Alex called their families to say they were fine and going away, but Sandy was still missing.

-The FBI soon got involved in Sandy’s disappearance. By now, Ahmia and Alex were in Mexico.

-Several days later, a cell phone ping from days earlier helped locate Sandy, who was found dead in a remote area. It was now a homicide investigation.

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-Two months later, Ahima turned herself in after breaking up with Alex. She admitted to dropping Alex off to meet Sandy and that there was a robbery planned….and was also aware of her murder. Ahima was arrested for accessory after the fact. Alex is still on the run.

-Joe Petitto, whose daughter Gabby was murdered by her boyfriend, comes on to discuss his situation and how to help those who are in his shoes.

-Alejandro ‘Alex’ Castillo is 25 years old and stands at five feet six inches. He weighs 180 lbs and has black hair and brown eyes. Alex was last seen in Mexico, Arizona or North Carolina. There is a $250,ooo reward for his capture.



-A pair of suspects are wanted in Tampa, Florida for stealing luxury videos via a valet service. They cased the place and then stole the keys and then the car. They could be responsible for up to five robberies in the area since June 2023.



-Noelle Zizi is a thirteen-year-old who has been missing since October 4, 2021. She had brown hair, brown eyes and weighs between 90-100 lbs, standing at four feet one inch. She was last seen in Kennesaw, Georgia, but could be in Dallas. Texas.



-Martinsburg, West Virginia is known as a friendly, sleepy town where everyone knew everyone. It is close to several major cities, which makes it an easy target for drugs and other problems.

-Samuel Rose is a known criminal with a long rap sheet in the area, known for selling drugs in the area. He was in and out of prison, but still managed to make drug connections to keep his business going. An informant was hired to try and take him down. After a thorough investigation, they were able to connect him to Top Three Sources, an appliance store in Hagerstown, Maryland. Further investigation showed late night shipments from the Dominican Republic, which is where the drugs were coming from through different types of appliances.

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-Samuel Rose would then pick up the drugs for dealing. He worked with several men, including Lenin Erasmo Luna Mota, aka Papi and Juan Manuel De La Rosa-Tejada, known also as Little Papi.

-Before long, the operation was busted with 34 people being arrested. However, Samuel went on the run. Lenin was arrested in the Dominican Republic and extradited back to the United States.

-Bill Bodner, who helped bring several drug traffickers to justice, talks about his experiences on the job and explains how drug rings can use just about anything (including a tour bus!) to smuggle drugs with none being the wiser.

-Samuel Rose is a Black male who is 43 years old and stands at five feet eight inches. He has black hair and brown eyes, weighing between 165 and 190 lbs. There is a scar on his stomach and a barb wire tattoo on his left arm. Samuel could be in West Virginia, Washington, DC or Maryland and is considered armed and very dangerous.



-In August 2023, a Maryland mom went for a hike, never to come home again. She was found brutally murdered the next day. DNA on her body was linked to an assault case in LA.

-Rachel Morin was a single mom to five kids. She worked hard running her own cleaning company to help support them and herself.

-On August 5th, 2023, Rachel would go for a hike, where she would sadly meet a tragic end.

-When Rachel failed to come home, her family worried and knew something was wrong. The next day, her car was found at the trail, along with her body.

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-DNA on her body was put into the national system, which was connected to a case in LA, where a woman was attacked in March 2023. A hat left behind at the scene gave authorities the DNA, which was put in the system.

-The suspect has not been identified, but he is described as a male with dark hair, between the ages of 20-29 and standing at five feet nine inches. He is approximately 160 lbs. There is a $30,000 reward for his capture.



-Ted Conrad was a bank robber in 1969. He went on to assume a new identity and raising a family. As he lay dying, he confessed his true identity to his daughter…..who never realized her own father was a bank robber who was featured on the show in 2010.

-Ashley Randall, who knew Ted has her father Thomas Randall, shares her story about how she found out his true identity. Somehow, the FBI got their hands on his obituary and, together with several other pieces of evidence, helped close the case. She is still shocked that her father was such a notorious criminal.



-Rodney Zellers is wanted for a mid-day murder in Philadelphia, PA that took place on September 16th, 2023. There is an unknown female who is said to have picked him up after the murder. Rodney is a Black male who stands at five feet nine inches, weighs 350 lbs and has black hair and brown eyes.


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