Young Sheldon Recap for 4/27/2023

Young Sheldon Recap for 4/27/2023

Young Sheldon Recap for 4/27/2023

The episode opens with Mandy being confused over Georgie’s proposal. He says he loves her and chose her over Amber. She continues to question him, but CeeCee begins to cry. Mandy gets more frustrated and then MeeMaw walks in to ask why Georgie is home. He tells her about the proposal and leaves, while MeeMaw wonders when the wedding well be.


Sheldon is watching Star Trek with a sleeping George. Mary joins them and Sheldon explains the show. She wonders if he believes in this kind of stuff and makes it into a religious discussion. However, it ends when Georgie comes home.


George wakes up and Sheldon explains the show again. Meanwhile, Mary goes to talk to Georgie, who tells her about the break up. Mary thinks he should work things out with Mandy, but thinks he scared her off with the proposal.


The next morning, Mandy is upset Georgie is gone and talks with MeeMaw. She is able to relate to the whole situation, but Mandy doesn’t feel better.


Billy is asked out by a girl named Britney Perkins, so Brenda goes to Missy to ask questions. She tells her that she is popular and maybe Brenda can tell Billy he is too young to date if she is that worried.


Sheldon talks to Dr. Linkletter about using the telescope room because of Star Trek. The two of them argue over it and Dr. Linkletter compares Sheldon’s desire to find life on planets Star Trek style to putting fruit on his head and calling himself Carmen Miranda.

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Later on, Billy talks to Missy about the situation and she says that it is a prank. She says she will go to the movies with him, but he thinks it is out of pity. She says it isn’t, she wasn’t invited to the party and Britney is a bitch.


Sheldon talks to President Hagemeyer about the telescope room, but she also denies him access.


Mandy and Georgie take CeeCee to the doctor and get into a fight in front of her, making everyone uncomfortable.


Sheldon continues to look for access to the telescope room, but keeps getting denied. However, he meets Dr. Pracash and hits pay dirt. Sheldon then tells Dr. Linkletter and Dr. Sturgis they will no longer be his mentors, leaving them both confused.


Missy is invited to the party, so she says yes, thinking she might be the bitch.


Georgie and Mandy continue to argue, which leads to them locking the baby in the car. He goes to get wire hangers while she talks to CeeCee through the window, calling herself the dumbest mommy in the world.


Dr. Pracash and Sheldon work on the project, which Sheldon thinks it is more boring than he anticipated.


Missy asks George and MeeMaw what to do about Billy and they both tell her she knows the answer. She also tries to ask Mary, but changes her mind when Mary calls her her friend.


Mandy and Georgie get the door open and decide to never mention it again. They also make up and she tells him to warn her before the next proposal.

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Missy talks to Billy, who tells her to go to the party.


Dr. Linkletter and Dr. Sturgis decide they miss Sheldon and go to work with him. The four of them watch the footage as the episode comes to a close.

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