Masterchef Recap for 8/30/2023

Masterchef Recap for 8/30/2023

Masterchef Recap for 8/30/2023

-Sav and MD are in the top ten after winning the immunity pin last week!

-Everyone else will have to cook a mystery box meal. Each box contains a different kind of fish.

-Reagan is highly allergic to fish and will need to take special precautions.

-MD chooses Grant and James to switch fishes. Sav chooses Kennedy and Reagan to switch.

-Everyone gets straight to work on their dishes as the judges walk around, asking questions, offering advice and giving commentary.

-Lizzie not being able to open wine and Joe helping her was so cute!

-As a fish lover, this challenge is right up my alley. I am loving all these different dishes.

-I am sooo worried about Reagan in this challenge due to her allergy.

-Sav and MD’s commentary reminds me of the two old dudes from The Muppet Show.

-Lizzie went completely out of the box and her comfort zone using food and ingredients she is not familiar with….and wonders if it will cost her in the end.


Top dishes:

-Wayne: His blackened catfish with potatoes and pickled sides is delicious, balanced and next level.

-Kolby: His harissa spiced halibut is not only magical and rich, but one of the best plated dishes he has made thus far.

-Kennedy: Her fried sardines with tomato sauce and veggies is unique and full of flavor.

Wayne wins immunity and gets in the top ten!

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Worst dishes:

-Grant: His mackerel is cooked all wrong and is just bad.

-Lizzie: Her red snapper and couscous is a complete mess and too simple in this point of the competition.

-James: His sea bass dish is all over the place with the sides being undercooked and the fish being overcooked.

James is eliminated.


Hour Two!

-Season 11 winner Kelsey is back for this challenge.

-Lizzie fangirling is adorable.

-Kelsey now cooks at the Colts stadium, making next level stadium food—Cuban sandwiches, loaded hot dogs and Asian sticky wings, just to name a few.

-The challenge is for the remaining cooks to make their own next level stadium food from their region.

-Wayne has to choose someone to get a five-minute time out.

-Reagan’s seafood sliders sound great, but I thought she was allergic to fish?

-Jennifer seems to be falling behind and getting more and more frustrated.

-Jennifer’s frustration intensifies when she gets the time out penalty. She is able to pull herself together and work things out when she is back in the game.

-Lizzie has no sports stadium in Alaska, so she improvises and uses food trucks as inspiration.

-Kolby is also falling behind and worries about getting his dish done in time.

-Before long, time is up and the judges taste each dish.

Top Dishes:

-MD: Her mixed berry donut trio is delicious and fun.

-Brynn: Her lobster roll is ‘executed to perfection.’

-Jennifer: Her pulled pork sandwich is delicious and filled with flavor.

-Brynn wins the immunity pin!

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-Kolby: His patty melt is a huge mess, but tastes good.

-Grant: His pulled pork tetellas are undercooked, but the pork is tender.

-Lizzie: Her King crab hushpuppies and sweet potato chips are raw.

Lizzie is eliminated.


More next week, stay tuned!

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