ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me Cupcake

ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me Cupcake

ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me Cupcake

The episode opens with Oscar stopping by the cafe to bring Randi a package. She quips that she buys stuff after a few glasses of wine and it is like drunk her buys sober her gifts.


Oscar guesses what is in the package, which includes candles. Kat asks what kind, but he says he is not a magician. He did dabble in high school, which Kat finds sexy.


Sheila comes in for a fashion emergency and thinks she is too late when she sees Kat’s outfit. However, Kat wanted to get her out of the house. She asks if she is still going to Bora Bora. Sheila doesn’t want to go alone, so Kat suggests some friends, while Phil clears his throat as a hint that he wants to go. Sheila agrees to take him and Phil gives the girls instructions on how to take care of things in the cafe.


Kat wonders if they should hire a temp worker, but Oscar volunteers to help.  This leads to him making changes to the cafe, which drives Randi crazy. She also doesn’t like how Kat can’t find a flaw with Oscar.


Max is at the bar pigging out and tells Carter he wants to go on a juice cleanse. Carter doesn’t think he can do it, so they make a bet on who can last longer, especially since Carter is a sugar fiend. They decide the loser will clean up VRIs  and order one last pizza.

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Sheila and Phil arrive to the hotel and discover everything is in Preston’s name. Phil pretends to be him (and British) so they can take full advantage.


At the cafe, Oscar takes an order for 400 cupcakes. The girls panic, but try to make it happen. Kat calls Phil for the recipe, but he is enjoying spa time with Sheila. They decide to wing it and debate on smaller batches vs. One large one.


They finally find his recipe book, but it ends up a disaster due to Phil using secret codes. They finally get in touch with him and get the correct recipe…using small batches.


At the bar, Max and Carter struggle with the juice cleanse, but pretend it is all hunky dory. However, Carter has a meltdown when he can’t open a jar of cherries and tells the bar nobody will get any.


Later on, Max and Carter try to sabotage each other with their favorite foods. Kat and Randi come in and are confused by the weirdness. They want them to help with the cupcakes, but they claim they are too weak.


In Bora Bora, Sheila and Phil bond over their hardships and help each other find happiness. They also order champagne and name his dolphin.


At the cafe, Kat gets annoyed by Oscar, while Carter and Max antagonize each other. Kat ends up having a meltdown and starts a food fight.


Later on, Oscar and Kat hash things out and make up.


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The episode ends with the cupcakes getting rave reviews and Sheila and Phil giving out gifts as everyone waves goodbye.


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