Stars on Mars Recap for 7/24/2023

Stars on Mars Recap for 7/24/2023

STARS ON MARS: Ariel Winter on the “Evil AI” episode of STARS ON MARS airing, Monday, July 24 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Brook Rushton/FOX. ©2023 FOX Media LLC.

Stars on Mars Recap for 7/24/2023

-Andy messing with the program and asking for an omelet station completely sent me….LOVE him!

-I think this mission is really getting to everyone. Ronda is especially taking things hard because she is missing her husband and kids.

-The new and old people still seem to be divided.

-Ronda being stressed out about the social aspect of everything is so relatable. I am the same way and totally get where she is coming from.

-Time to choose a base commander! Lance isn’t interested because he wants to be outside, but Andy volunteers to be the ‘base commander, bitch.’

-It is time to locate the supplies left behind….without a map or compass.

-Ariel helps Andy become a better base commander by having him focus on each person’s strengths.

-Paul finds…..Cat’s mani-pedi supplies? That was unexpected.

-Malfunction alert!!!!!

-A virus is downloading….causing a malfunction and those outside to be unable to get in.

-Despite the threat of death, Andy has to choose a mission specialist. He goes with Adam because he wants someone with experience.

-Shatty Daddy tells them that the HAB AI cannot be trusted and might cause more problems. They need to reset the AI and rescue the crew members.

-Adam and Andy are locked in the airlock and must give out assignments to rescue themselves and keep everyone safe. Porsha, Ariel and Tinashe are doing a keyboard task while the others do a bike task.

-Cat and Paul are still stuck outside and find a manual override that could help everyone.

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-The music and biking is so unintentionally hilarious.

-There are 40 minutes remaining and they all must buckle down and make sure they solve the code.

-Every single person is struggling on this task. Everyone begins to panic as they begin to run out of time.

-With very little time left, they were able to complete the mission successfully because they were never gonna give up. (Song for the keyboard challenge was Never Gonna Give You Up)

-Shatty Daddy lets them know that they now need to send someone home.

-Andy thinks Paul and Cat worked hard and that Ronda, Porsha and Tinashe should be in the bottom three. Adam disagrees, saying Cat and Paul may have worked hard, but were not mission critical.

-Andy finally decides that Adam is right and puts Ronda, Paul and Cat in the bottom three.

-Ronda decides that it is time for her to leave and exits to a round of applause and a big hug from Marshawn, her new BFFFFFFFF.

-Cat is PISSED about being in the bottom three and cries in Porsha’s arms. The other ladies also rally around her.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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