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ICYMI: Paul Flores Sentenced in Kristin Smart Murder

ICYMI: Paul Flores Sentenced in Kristin Smart Murder

Paul Flores, who was recently found guilty of the murder of college student Kristin Smart has been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison without parole this past Friday.

The two students attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in May 1996, when Kristin disappeared after a party. Paul was said to have been the last person to see her alive after volunteering to take her back to her dorm room. He allegedly raped and killed the eighteen-year-old Kristin, who was declared dead in 2002.

Her body was never recovered and neither Paul nor his father Reuben (who also went to trial for the case, but found not guilty) ever admitted to knowing where she could be found.

The case had been featured on Disappeared and Unsolved Mysteries over the years but caught more media attention thanks to the podcast Your Own Backyard in 2019.

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