ICYMI: Night Court Recap for Blood Moon Binga

ICYMI: Night Court Recap for Blood Moon Binga

ICYMI: Night Court Recap for Blood Moon Binga

The episode opens with Abby, Dan, Neil, Gurgs  and Olivia working on a case involving a woman claiming to be a warewolf, or what Gurgs calls a wifwolf. Each side argues its side with the defendant pleading her case. Abby wonders if she will transform and brings her staff into a huddle. Olivia explains the craziness is due to the Blood Moon as Dan recalls other times where stuff like this happens.


The next case is called, but it turns out to be Abby’s mom Gina (Faith Ford)there to surprise her. They all go to her office to chat and so Abby can introduce her. Olivia is thrilled because Gina takes a special interest in her, while Neil and Gurgs seem to enjoy her presence.


Gina gives them gifts, making Olivia even happier. Dan comes into the room and things get awkward between him and Gina. She goes to the ladies room with the warning not to call any of the good time numbers.


Dan follows Gina and they swear to not tell Abby how they know each other.


Gurgs senses something is going on between Dan and Gina and is determined to get to the bottom of it. Gina takes pictures of Abby working and encourages her to do things to look better on camera.


Olivia comes in with Blood Moon Bingo Cards and is determined to win. Dan and Gina continue to debate on what to tell Abby about what happened with them.

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The next case involves a woman getting messages from Satan and things go awry with things being thrown and Dan trying to get Gina to tell Abby about their past through his defense. Olivia tries to find ways to win the game.


At meal time, Gina shares the story of meeting Harry on a Ferris Wheel and how it was love at first sight, with them being only one yes from the rest of their lives by the end.


Olivia is jealous of Abby and Gina’s relationship and how they love each other. Gina wants to  head back to the hotel, but Dan encourages her to stay. Gurgs tells Timo that she thinks the two of them had a sexual history in the past.


Neil seems to want to impress Gina, so he and Olivia dig into her past, only to find out she was arrested for illegal gambling charges and that is how she really met Harry. Dan was her lawyer at the time.


Dan and Gina are still arguing on what to tell Abby about their past, with Gurgs misunderstanding what is going on and offering her own two cents.


Neil is dressed as a bad boy greaser to impress Gina, causing him to get teased by Olivia.


The next case involves two vampires in a lovers spat, with the wifwolf giving commentary in the background. Abby makes them see that they have something worth fighting for and sends them to counseling.


Gina says it was like watching Harry up there and finally confesses to how she met Harry…..but not before Olivia says that she got the criminal hugging the judge on her bingo card.

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Abby talks to Dan about her mom and he encourages her to forgive him. This leads to Gina and Abby having a heart to heart and promising no more secrets. Gina also confesses that Abby is really short for Abracadabra, thanks to Harry. They hug it out.


Olivia comes in to gloat about winning the bingo game. Gina asks her if she wants to do double or nothing.


Gurgs talks to Neil who realizes he wants to impress Gina because he has a crush on Abby as the episode comes to

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