Super Bowl LVI Snark and Highlights

Super Bowl LVI Snark and Highlights

Super Bowl LVI Snark and Highlights

Mickey Guyton’s rendition of the National Anthem was so hauntingly beautiful…..WOW.

Jhene Aiko also was incredible with her America the Beautiful performance.

The Rock making an appearance at the Super Bowl AND doing the intro is the most epic thing ever. It is everything I never knew this game needed.

That was one hell of a touchdown for the Rams, thanks to Stafford and Beckham Jr!

So, this dude caught the ball, did a somersault and got three points?

Is it wrong I think of Von Miller as ‘that hot dude who was on DWTS that one time?’

What in the name of all things holy is this Barbie and He-Man real estate commercial?

Taking bets now, Stafford will be on next season of DWTS or The Masked Singer.

Nah nah nah nah nah nah, I got the ball! Now we got a touchdown! The Bengals get their first touchdown!

That Miley Cyrus commercial left me all sorts of WTF. What was going on?

I am NOT impressed with these commercials

Looks like Beckham Jr. got hurt. I hope he is okay! That has got to SUCK for him getting hurt during his first Super Bowl. As an aside, his purple hair looks awesome.

Who was that rando celebrating with the Bengals? Why did they get a penalty?

I’m going to be honest, the game started off strong, but quickly got boring AF.

Every time I see a local commercial during the Super Bowl, I think of that Smart Guy episode where TJ snuck his dad’s commercial into the big game.

Update on Beckham Jr: His return is questionable for the second half.

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We are thirty seconds in and there is no way on God’s green Earth that anyone can ever top this halftime show. EVER.

TOP THAT, every future Super Bowl halftime show!

Mary J. Blige looks fantastic.

That touchdown thirty seconds into the third quarter gives the Bengals a three-point lead and colored me impressed!

And….just like that, the Bengals get three more points!

Did nobody get the memo that these Super Bowl commercials were supposed to be fun and interesting? None of them stood out, but apparently Stifler’s mom is the new Uber Eats spokesperson.

My heart breaks for Beckham Jr. being out of the game. I cannot imagine what he is feeling now….I just hope he is okay.

Are they catching a football or a bouquet at a wedding? At least it got the Rams three points?

JD and Turk from Scrubs reuniting is changing my mind about these commercials being boring.

Fourth quarter…we learn pulling the face mask is a no-no and makes players fall on their butts.

Burrow and Stafford are hurt now too? That pileup looked like it was painful for several of them involved!

Every time they say Zac Taylor, I keep thinking they are saying Jax Taylor and wonder why the eff the guy from Vanderpump Rules is playing in the Super Bowl.

Burrow returns….yay! Stafford returns! YAY!

Rams get another touchdown. Stafford and Kupp are killing it in this quarter.

Kupp comes from an NFL dynasty. That is incredible.

Here a flag, there a flag….is this the Super Bowl or Sheldon Cooper’s Fun with Flags?

Sheldon Cooper would like to have a word about flags.

Maybe you should wait until the game is over to celebrate and point to your ring finger? This could still turn around Dewey vs. Truman style.

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RAMS WIN!!!!!! MAZEL TOV! Seeing everyone hug and cheer is so cute!


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