ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for The Genius Who Fell Out of My Womb

ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for The Genius Who Fell Out of My Womb

ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for The Genius Who Fell Out of My Womb

The episode opens with Bob, Tunde, Olu, Abishola, Ebun and Dele eating dinner. Tunde quizzes Dele for his finals (the reward being pepper for his food) and Abishola finds it exciting that he is looking forward to finals week.


The topic switches to college, which leads to Abishola insisting that Dele go to Harvard. However, Bob wants Dele to check out his alma mater, causing her to be upset. Olu thinks it is a good idea so he can have his own pointless adventure.


The next day, Kemi gossips to Abishola and Gloria about a patient. While she is doing that, Abishola gets a text about notable alumni from Bob, causing her to complain about the college situation to the ladies. Gloria thinks it could be a good thing for Dele to see Bob’s college for a backup plan, while Kemi says he should go to shock him into doing better. Abishola thanks Kemi, upsetting Gloria.


At MaxDot, Bob tells Christina, Douglas, Goodwin and Kofo about seeing the college, causing Christina to look back on her study abroad experience. Dottie brings in Wati, who will help when Bob is gone. He is more excited to do American things, so Dottie offers to take him.


Later on, Bob, Dele and Abishola are driving to the school, with her quizzing him for finals. Bob talks to him about college life, leading to more debating.

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Back at MaxDot, Kofo and Wati debate about how things should be run when Tunde walks in, explaining his role. Wati is not impressed.


Bob, Abishola and Dele tour the college. Abishola continues to insult everything, causing her and Bob to argue. Dele tries to keep the peace, but they ignore him until Bob makes them move on.


The three of them watch a dance show, which Dele loves, but Abishola wants him to look into study clubs. Bob takes Dele to the ‘library,’ which is code for them having one on one time.


Back at MaxDot, the gang talks about Wati and debate on if there are going to be job cuts. Things get worse when Wati takes over and runs the meeting.


Bob and Dele enjoy pizza together and have some nice stepdad/stepson time. Bob wants him to make the right decision for college. Dele confesses to having a fake ID, which Bob confiscates.


Abishola talks to a mom who is also a student. She explains that she is there because the school helps with her schedule and life balance, but Abishola is nasty to her. However, on the car ride home, she thinks that it might be a good choice for her…..but not Dele.


The episode ends with Wati and Goodwin finally bonding despite a rocky start.

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