Undercover Underage Recap for Armed and Dangerous

Undercover Underage Recap for Armed and Dangerous

Undercover Underage Recap for Armed and Dangerous

-This week’s episode of Undercover Underage is called Armed and Dangerous. It is also the penultimate episode of the season.

-I forgot ASL was asking for Age, Sex, Location. I’ve always known it as American Sign Language. I vaguely remember people using it back in the day for the former, but I never was into the chatroom scene.

-Abby connects with The Knifemaker, who is in forty-four. He asks if she is into older men and she takes the bait, saying guys she knows are ‘so immature.’ SOSA doesn’t have a lot more to go on since he has a fake username and Omegle screenshot, whatever that may be.

-The conversations, which were in sexual in nature, began on Instagram. He wants to meet up with Abby today, so they need to act fast. All the information they have has already gone to Major Flowers.

-Roo says a child can be groomed in as little as eight minutes….which scares the shit out of me.

-The Knifemaker is hyper-aggressive and keeps pushing sexual advances on Abby. His identity is now known so they are prepared to take him down. They consider him to be armed and dangerous. He could face up to ten years in prison.

-The chase is on for The Knifemaker and he is caught! He had firearms in his possession, which could have made this entire thing even more dangerous. There is also child porn found on his phone, which leads to more charges.

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-Abby connects with another ACM, who is 27 and talks to her about the dark side of modeling and how he can help her. He seems protective of her and says she can trust him.

-This ACM has a burner Instagram and talks about killing pedophiles and how his ‘shadow’ is the bad guy he has to protect people from…because that kind of behavior runs in his family.

-The Shadow, as this guy is now known as, brags about dating a 14-year-old and wants to video chat with Abby. Thet make plans to meet and he adds her on his real Instagram, making SOSA able to ID him.

-The more they dig into his past, the more they find…..they get the most disturbing shock when they find out he had previously been arrested as part of a child sex sting. This helps them figure out his identity and they try and figure out a way to take him down.

-Mackenzie gets an ACM called The Gamer, who is hitting on her, saying he shouldn’t be talking to her, but he will if she consents. He is being careful in how he communicates, but makes SOSA feel like he has done this before and will do it again.

-The Gamer and Mackenzie send each other pictures in hopes of SOSA getting enough in his picture to do a Google Earth search.

-The gang want to go to the office supply store where The Gamer works, but since it is a chain, it is hard to find. They call several stores and finally hit pay dirt. It is off to the store to catch him.

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-Roo talks to him at the store, but there is nothing they can do in the moment. For some reason, she is taking this very hard, especially since he is so young. She wishes there were another way to tell him that contacting minors is wrong, but knows he needs to be arrested.

-They do a deeper look into The Shadow and find out he was in court the day before and awaiting trial for his previous arrest….but meeting with Abby in between.

-Abby talks to The Shadow and he confesses that he is facing jail time for contacting minors. He still wants to have sex with her and says he will date her mom to get to her. The conversation gets more and more disturbing, especially since he is knowingly breaking the law and the rules about being online.

-The Gamer is in custody and questioned. He confesses to everything, including talking to another minor. He is going to jail and told that they hope he learns from this. The gang is disturbed that Mackenzie wasn’t his only victim.

-The Shadow asks for more pictures of Abby to prove she isn’t a cop and says he wants her so badly when he sees the pictures. Abby Facetimes with him and he seems worried about getting caught by the cops. However, they agree to meet at a gas station, where Abby rides her bike.

-Things get a bit sticky when he asks to see her bike, so they pretend Abby’s mom came home and hang up.

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-They worry that he blocked her, but that is not the case. He contacts her, seeming suspicious that she may be a cop. He still insists on talking to her and Abby is able to regain his trust.

-The Shadow is currently in jail, with one new charge of lewd proposals to a child under 16. This could give him 20 additional years in prison.

-The Gamer is out on bail and faces charges of soliciting sex with a minor using technology. He faces up to ten years in prison.

-The Knifemaker is in jail awaiting trial for soliciting sexual conduct with a minor and aggravated possession of child pornography. He faces up to 30 years in prison.

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