Married to Medicine Recap for 11/5/2023

Married to Medicine Recap for 11/5/2023

Married to Medicine Recap for 11/5/2023

-Happy ten-season anniversary to Married to Medicine.

-It looks like the gang’s all here! WOOHOO!

-Wait, how did Dr. Heavenly go from talking about how Dr. Jackie is her sister to Toya’s sexual preferences?

-Phaedra Parks is on this season….from RHOA to M2M…..amazing! She was always my favorite, so I am excited to see her on the show.

-So….she is dating a doctor and we cannot see his face? Okay then!

-Omarosa is on this season too….or at least on video calls with Dr. Simone…..I love this! Omarosa is my girl….I interviewed her years ago and she was just so delightful! She may be a ‘villain’ on TV, but she is a strong, loving badass of a woman in real life. I said what I SAID!

-Quad is traveling the world and living her best life. I am so happy for her.

-It seems like the women like Phaedra, but don’t trust her.

-Lateasha is Dr. Gregory’s new fiancée and everyone seems to be thrilled about it.

-A Western glam engagement party seems like it would be a blast.

-Lateasha seems like she is going to be an amazing addition to the cast….fun, sassy, cute…’s going to be a blast with her.

-Lateasha saying she is 31 made me suddenly feel very old….you know you are old when you are older than the cast of your reality shows…..all of whom were older than or the same age as you when you started watching. It was like when I recapped SYTYCD….I was the same age as the cast when I began recapping and last season some of them were young enough to be my children.

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-It is so surreal to see Dr. Heavenly’s daughter Alaura growing up and going to college. She was so little when Dr. Heavenly began on the show.

-The dress Alaura chose for her prom is gorgeous…I never went to prom, but seeing these girls shop for dresses makes me so happy.

-This party looks fun, but there is a more than decent chance it will end in disaster.

-Lateasha has a twin named Kaneasha!

-Dr. Jackie is in the house! I get what she means about it being awkward that she is in Quad’s old house without her there.

-This party seems kind of boring, just saying.

-The gossip is that Quad has a DUI….but Lateasha wants nothing to do with it….or her.

-Now there is a fight because Dr. Jackie made a referral for a surgery she didn’t feel comfortable doing? She did the right thing.

-The guys are like…we knew there was going to be a fight….they should have bet money on how long it would take.

-I hope we get to see this wedding on TV.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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