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Big Brother 25 Recap for 8/6/2023: The First HOH and Nomination Ceremony

Big Brother 25 Recap for 8/6/2023: The First HOH and Nomination Ceremony

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 25 continues with where we left off….with Cirie’s grand entrance. She is a Survivor legend, winner of The Traitors and Jared’s mom. Nobody knows the latter….yet.

Izzy realizes the Cirie/Jared connection right away and promises not to say anything. It turns out Jared and Cirie knew about this but kept it a secret. However, she cannot help but fangirl!

The house gets to know each other. As Felicia is giving her introduction Cory returns from the nether region. He says one of them will be eliminated next week.

Cory also recognizes Cirie and thinks she is going to be a threat to the house, so he wants her gone.

It is Reilly’s birthday.

The house continues to bond and then it is time to choose Have Nots. Cory, Luke, Jared and Hisam all volunteer. This year, if they want to leave they need to spin a wheel and have it land on a number. This determines the amount of times they will be kicked in the butt by the Humili-butt before they can leave.

Cirie and Jared talk about gameplay. She gives him advice on how to form alliances without being too obvious.

Reilly, Luke, Kirsten, Jared and Matt form an alliance called the Phalanx 5. Kirsten thinks this will keep her safe, but she also talks to Cirie and Felicia about forming additional alliances for ‘old people.’

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Cirie admits she is taking it day by day at this point.

Jared thinks Kirsten is moving too hard too fast and tells Cirie his concerns. She, in turn, talks to Felicia about Kirsten’s alliance forming games. This all puts a target on Kirsten’s back.

HOH comp time! The four nominees (Felicia, Kirsten, Cory and Jared) are not allowed to play. The winner of the game will remove two people from the block.

The game has each remaining houseguest do a balance beam challenge. If they fall, they will have to start over. The one who has the fastest time wins.

Each houseguest takes their turn, but at the end of the day, it is Reilly who wins the first HOH.

Of course, now the nominees want to get in Reilly’s good graces. She knows she has to play her cards right because whomever she takes down will owe her one in the future. Felicia tells her about Kirsten’s gameplay, so now Reilly wants to gun for Kirsten. Her decision is confirmed when Cirie and others back up Felicia’s claims.

Cory promises to keep Reilly safe in future weeks if she takes him off the block. She wants him to be a pawn, but he doesn’t like this idea.

Nomination time! Reilly takes Cory and Jared off the block and leaves Kirsten and Felicia on. Kirsten is not happy because she sees the Phalanx 5 alliance falling apart before her very eyes.

More Wednesday, stay tuned.



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