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Married to Medicine Snark and Highlights for 7/24/2022

Married to Medicine Snark and Highlights for 7/24/2022

  • I love how Quad knows Dr. Simone so well that she is able to order her drink.
  • I am so glad Quad is happy now, but like Dr. Simone, I worry about her doing too much.
  • It is a good idea that they are finally going to call Dr. Heavenly out on her behavior. She needs to know that how she is acting is not okay.
  • ‘Heavenly’s Greatest Hits’ just cracks me up.
  • Dr. Jackie seems like such a fantastic OB/GYN. If I ever have children, I would love to have her as my doctor.
  • My heart breaks for Anila’s kids having to say goodbye to Ms. Gomez. However, they should have been told sooner and not minutes before she left.
  • Dr. Eugene talking about COVID and his career is quite eye opening.
  • Omarosa looks incredible….it is a nice surprise to see her on the show and even sweeter that she wants to talk to Michael. I didn’t know she and Dr. Simone were so close.
  • Dr. Simone seems like a true, caring friend. I adore her.
  • The idea of Toya having a burner phone is hilarious.
  • That purple wig though…..I love it!
  • Did Quad really leave because she didn’t want to leave her phone in the bucket?
  • Now Dr. Jackie is leaving because she didn’t want to leave her phone—but in all fairness, she does have patients who needs her.
  • Why does nobody seem to be on the same page with this intervention?
  • Wow, these videos of Dr. Heavenly are so harsh….does she not see that she is being hurtful? Even when watching with everyone she seems like it is all a game and a joke.
  • Wowwww, now Dr. Heavenly is doubling down and fighting with everyone and DEFENDING her actions?
  • Now she is dragging Dr. Contessa outside to bitch her out…..even though Dr. Contessa made it CLEAR she was hurt.
  • Okay, even though Dr. Contessa talked about her marriage, Dr. Heavenly had NO RIGHT to talk about it on her show. That was NOT her place at all.
  • I am glad the other ladies are trying to explain to Dr. Heavenly that she was being hurtful.
  • Okay, if the ladies were against the way the intervention was being done, WHY did they agree to do it in the first place?
  • More next week, stay tuned!
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