Big Brother 25 Recap for 8/8/2023: Who Won POV?

Big Brother 25 Recap for 8/8/2023: Who Won POV?

Big Brother 25 Recap for 8/8/2023: Who Won POV?

This episode of Big Brother 25 picks up where we left off Sunday. Felicia and Kirsten are on the block with Kirsten being the target. Reilly thinks she did too much too fast and needs to go.  She knows Felicia is well liked in the house so she doesn’t mind using her as a pawn. Jared and Cory are thrilled to be off the block.

Kirsten is very upset. America, Cirie and Izzy comfort her, but Cirie thinks she is a loose cannon.

Felicia thinks the veto comp is crucial, even though Reilly tells her that she has nothing to worry about. However, she plans on winning the POV for herself.

The houseguests gain access to the outside. Felicia falls into the hot tub.

Cameron admits he is bonding with Jag, Matt, Blue and Reilly. Since they are in the same room, they spend a lot of time together, leading Felicia to wonder if they are in an alliance together. They do indeed have an alliance called The Handful with Jag and Reilly having a final two deal.

Cory gets to know Cirie and completely fanboys over her. Even though he is a fan, he knows she needs to go because she is a fierce gameplayer.

Jag and Hisam talk about representation on TV and how Jag is the first Sikh to be on the show. Hisam talks about being an Arab American and they bond over the stereotypes they face in a post 9/11 world.

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Felicia tells Izzy, Bowie Jane, Cirie and Mecole that she suspects there is an alliance with Reilly, Jag, Matt, Blue and Cameron and that they should form their own. The Bye Bye Bitches is formed!

Cory and America are brought into The Handful alliance but only because they need the numbers to run the house.

Jared is also asked to be in the alliance and tells Cirie. She says it is a good thing they are on opposite sides because then they can share information.

Hisam, Blue and Cameron join Reilly, Felicia and Kirsten in the POV competition. The competition has them attached to giant underwear as they stack 35 flower pieces. They are also doused with water and being pulled away as they work. The one who finishes first wins.

Each houseguest participating has a different strategy, but in the end it is Hisam who wins POV.

Nobody is particularly happy with this turn of events because Hisam seems to be neutral in the group. Felicia and Kirsten both talk to him and state their cases as to why he should use the POV on them.

In the end, he keeps the nominations the same because he doesn’t want to make enemies or become a target in the house, especially since he is so good at competitions.

Eviction tomorrow. Stay tuned.



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