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Big Brother 25 Recap for 8/10/2023: Who Got Evicted?

Big Brother 25 Recap for 8/10/2023: Who Got Evicted?

We are at the very first eviction for Big Brother 25! Did Kirsten or Felicia go home? We are about to find out!


Hisam thinks that everyone wants Kirsten gone anyway and his best bet is to not expose himself in any way, shape or form.


America thinks jkeeping Kirsten could work in everyone’s favor if she acts as a free agent.


Hisam, Felicia, Cirie, Bowie Jane, Red, Izzy and  Mecole form an alliance called The Professors.


Kirsten tries to talk to Luke about her insecurities in the house, but he shares what she said with Jared, Hisam and Cory, drops the N bomb and gets kicked out of the house.


After they all discuss Luke being expelled from the house, Red tells Reilly he will do what she wants. Meanwhile, Izzy talks out of both sides of her mouth with Reilly and Cirie.


Reilly has second thoughts about evicting Kirsten. However, in a unanimous vote, Kirsten is the first officially eliminated person from the house.


In the exit interview, Kirsten admits she is shocked by this turn of events….and even more shocked to find out that Jared and Cirie are related.



More next week, stay tuned.

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