Big Brother 25 Premiere Recap for 8/2/2023

Big Brother 25 Premiere Recap for 8/2/2023

Big Brother 25 Premiere Recap for 8/2/2023

It is Big Brother 25 Premiere Day! Sixteen new houseguests will fight to win $750,000 while facing alliances, HOH competitions, POV competitions and more….as always, expect the unexpected.

The Houseguests:

  • Blue is from NYC and she wants to retire her mom early if she wins. She is also single and ready for a showmance.
  • Red is from Tennessee and all about family. He is a hippie hillbilly (his words) and is excited for this new adventure.
  • Jared is an exterminator from Connecticut. His mom Cirie Fields was on Survivor four times and raised him and his siblings by herself. However, he is not telling anyone about his mom.
  • Mecole is a political consultant from DC. She is the youngest to work up the ranks in her field and is also a newlywed.
  • Matt is training for the 2024 Olympics as a swimmer. He is also deaf and is there to represent the deaf community. He is also single.
  • Izzy is a professional flutist from NY. She is also a Big Brother superfan.
  • Jag and his family were the first Sikhs to live in Washington and he wants to make the Sikh community proud by winning.
  • Reilly is a bartender from Nashville. Her dad died on her 14th birthday and wants to win in his honor. She will do whatever it takes to make it happen.
  • Luke is from Florida and is super into fitness. He is also a digital artist.
  • Felicia is a real estate agent from Atlanta. She is the oldest woman in the house, ex-military and got her master’s at 55 years young.
  • Hisam is from Seattle who is a doctor by day and burlesque performer by night.
  • Cory is in college with dreams of going to law school. He is also a first-degree black belt.
  • Bowie Jane is from Australia and living in LA. She is a DJ who is also a competitive tennis player.
  • America is a Mexican-American who is first generation in her family. She is big into education and has a degree in biology.
  • Cameron is a cowboy from Georgia and ex-military. He is doing the show to hopefully win and give his daughter a good future.
  • Kristen is a molecular biologist who started college at 17. She is also a competitive swimmer.
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The houseguests can be in the house for up to 100 days, depending on how well they do.

Twist time! There was a break-in a few days ago that can change the game forever! The culprits are none other than Frankie Grande, Britney Hayes and Danielle Reyes….all Big Brother legends in their own estimation. Their plan is to do some sort of reset which goes awry and causes them to run away. The multiverse is now in play, changing the game and house, making the season even more unpredictable.

Four universes are in the house: Comic-verse, Humili-verse, Scary-verse and Scramble-verse. This can change the game at any time.

Once they are in the house, they will compete for which universe they will join.

Felicia, Red, America and Matt are in the house first. They are all excited to be there as they choose their places for the competition.

Cory, Blue, Jared and Izzy enter the house next and follow suit.

Kristen, Luke, Bowie Jane and Jag are the next to choose their positions.

Hisam, Mecole, Cameron and Reilly are the last to enter the house.

Reilly announces that it is her birthday.

The competition is a nomination contest. The four losing members of each team will be up for elimination.

America, Jared, Bowie Jane and Mecole will compete as Scramble-verse representatives. Thy will have to take apart puzzles, fit it into boxes perfectly and hit their button. The last one to do so is up for elimination.

America finishes first, followed by Bowie Jane, Mecole and Jared. Jared is up for elimination.

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Humili-verse is up next. They have an odd competition that involves a boot kicking them in the butt 100 times. Matt, Blue, Kristen and Hisam are in this competition.

Kristen loses, putting her up for eviction.

Comic-verse is up next. This competition involves Felicia, Jag, Izzy and Cameron detonating a goo machine.

Felicia ends up in last place, earning her a place on the block.

Red, Luke, Reilly and Cory are in the Scary-verse competition which has them holding on as monster hands drag them into a cave. The first one to be dragged away will disappear into the nether region and be the fourth nominee.

Cory is the first to get pulled into the nether region and becomes the fourth nominee.

Plot twist! Jared’s mom Cirie is in the house with champagne AND is the 17th houseguest. Stay tuned!


Big Brother 25 Premiere Recap for 8/2/2023 aired on CBS at 8pm.

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