Big Brother 25 Recap for 8/17/2023: Did Reilly or Cameron Leave?

Big Brother 25 Recap for 8/17/2023: Did Reilly or Cameron Leave?

Big Brother 25 Recap for 8/17/2023: Did Reilly or Cameron Leave?

Tonight is the second eviction on CBS’s Big Brother 25. Cameron and Reilly are both up for eviction, thanks to Hisam.


It is obvious that Reilly is the target based on Hisam’s speech. The Handful alliance think they can get one more vote to save her, but The Professors are worried this very thing could happen and ruin everything.


Cirie wonders if she should save Reilly since she did promise to keep her safe and goes to Matt for advice. However, she worries about what this could do to her game in the long term.


Cory also questions what he should do when it comes time to vote since the speech left him confused. Meanwhile, Cirie and Felicia wonder who will keep them safe in the long term and get them further in the game.


The whole house seems torn on what to do during eviction night. Jag talks to Cirie about keeping Reilly, saying that he, America, Cory, Blue, Matt and Jared are considering keeping her. This leaves Cirie wondering what to do and if she should join the ones wanting to get rid of Cameron.


The Professors do a champagne toast and discuss how the others are trying to save Reilly. Hisam begins a discussion about who the next target should be, but won’t listen to any ideas. He makes things worse when he says Jared should be the next target. Cirie is especially upset about the latter.

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Izzy goes to Cirie about a plan to backdoor Hisam. She agrees and they both fill Felicia in on said plan. She is also on board.


Hisam approaches the other side of the house in order to save himself once his HOH reign is over. He approaches America first, who tells Cory about his plan. He, in turn, shares it with Cirie, Felicia and Izzy.


Word gets out that Hisam is trying to make new alliances, so the house wonders if they should save Reilly after all. However, despite Cirie thinking this is a good idea, Mecole from the Bye Bye Bitches alliance wasn’t so sure since she wasn’t quite confident that Reilly would help them later on in the game. Izzy seemed to like the idea, while Bowie was left in the dark.


Reilly and Cameron give their final pleas as to why they should stay.


Reilly is unanimously evicted out of the house. In her exit speech, she told Julie that she knew what was going on and gave her alliance permission to vote her out to save themselves. She also understands why Hisam did what he did and that she had no clue Jared and Cirie were related.


More Sunday, stay tuned.

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