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Big Brother 25 Live Feeds: Week 2 Begins

Big Brother 25 Live Feeds: Week 2 Begins


Thank you, as always to Paramount Plus and Big Brother Network for making these recaps possible.
Thursday-Post Show:
  • HOH is played off screen. Hisam won!
  • Jared went to the Nether Region.
  • Izzy moved to the Comic room.
  • Cirie wants Cameron to be backdoored this week.
  • Reilly and Cameron are the targets this week.
  • Hisam and Felicia think that Hisam winning HOH can help them get more people on their side.
  • Cameron thinks he is safe this week.
  • Izzy vents to Red about Cameron.
  • Blue, Matt, Cameron, Reilly and Jag hope that America and Cory are this week’s targets.
  • Matt and Reilly hope things go their way and think things would have been better if Jared won HOH.



  • Hisam and Felicia agree that if Reilly and Cameron go on the block it will be a win-win situation no matter what.
  • Jag and Reilly wonder what to say to Hisam when they are questioned about who to target. Reilly knows she is a target, while Jag worries about upsetting Hisam.
  • Jared pops up on the memory cam to tell everyone he isn’t allowed to sleep and isn’t sure when he will return.
  • Cory and Hisam talk about nominations and it is clear that Reilly is a target no matter what happens.
  • Hisam is worried about Cameron and thinks he will protect Reilly. There is a test in place to prove this theory, but Cameron seems to be on board with the plan.
  • Blue and Jag make it clear that they are Team Hisam.
  • Cory tells Reilly to protect herself.
  • America makes it clear that she would have targeted Cameron if she won HOH, earning her brownie points with the current HOH.
  • Matt makes it clear to Hisam he feels left out in the house especially since things are being said about him that aren’t even true.
  • Matt tells Reilly about his conversation with Hisam and that she has to win POV.She is upset with this turn of events.
  • Jared is back and Jag is in the Nether Region?
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