Big Brother 25 Recap for 8/23/2023: Was the POV Used?

Big Brother 25 Recap for 8/23/2023: Was the POV Used?

Big Brother 25 Recap for 8/23/2023: Was the POV Used?

Tonight, on Big Brother 25! Felicia has just announced who is on the block, but lets it be known she wants to backdoor Hisam. Jag worries about being on the block, while Hisam thinks he is safe.


Everyone is on board with the plan except for Red, who has no clue what is happening. Blue puts on dramatic tears so Hisam thinks she is upset about her friends leaving.


Hisam tells Felicia and Izzy he doesn’t want to play in the POV comp because he won two already and doesn’t want to be a target. Little does he know…..


Mecole seems overwhelmed by it all. She even admits in the DR that she is compromising and dumbing herself down, which is getting to be too much.


Cameron lets Red in on the plan to backdoor Hisam. Red talks to Felicia about the plan, but she tells him she is targeting Jag. He knows this is BS, so she kind of lets him in on everything. Red is upset about being left out.


Red decides to help Cameron join The Professors alliance, who is all too happy to join. They decide on a final two deal.


Jared and Blue have a budding showmance, but Cirie talks to  Jared over it. She wants him to focus on the game, not love.


Izzy, Red and Cory join Jag, Cameron and Felicia in the POV comp.

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The competition has them racing through slush in an egg laying station, cluck and lay eggs. The first one to lay a dozen eggs wins.


It was a tough, weird comp, but Jag wins! He can not only take himself off the block, but he must be dressed like a chicken for the rest of the week.



Hisam tells Felicia she should put Matt on the block, but she alludes to putting Blue up.  He doesn’t like this and tells everyone who will listen. This solidifies Felicia’s plan to put him on the block.



Jag uses the POV to save himself. Hisam is now on the block. He vows revenge if he survives eviction.


Eviction tomorrow, stay tuned!

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