Based On a True Story Snark and Highlights for The Great American Art Form

Based On a True Story Snark and Highlights for The Great American Art Form

Based On a True Story Snark and Highlights for The Great American Art Form

-The exercise app/mirror thing this girl has would not last five minutes in my house with my animals, but it is a great concept for a workout program.

-We all knew this chick was going to get killed…..but I did not expect all the gore.

-Kaley and Chris are adorable and have cute chemistry.

-Nathan watching sports while pooping and Ava coming into the bathroom with her true crime podcast is so realistic.

-Do we have to wake up to murder every day? That is pretty much what you wake up to every day when you watch the news, buddy.

-That hallucinated sex scene was…something.

-Both Ava and Nathan facing job issues makes me so sad, especially because she is pregnant.

-Tori! Turn the water off to keep the toilet from overflowing.

-That super toilet sounds cool, but I’m with Paul….you just need one to sit on and poop.

-It’s not about the Toto is this show’s It’s not about the pasta!

-Nathan’s meltdown about feeling like a failure is something we can and have all related to at some point.

-Everything breaking down at once when you have money issues always seems to happen. At least Matt the Plumber worked out a deal with them.

-A Podcast and Wine night sounds like fun….but Tori’s ‘fuck-fest’ not so much.

-I don’t think an affair is the way to keep a marriage alive, just saying.

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-The bartender is the one who got killed…..and she interacted with Nathan, who Matt thinks is into her….could one of them be the killer?

-Nathan totally got drunk Bill Aydin style and was carried into his house.

-The bartender was killed and Ava thinks her husband not only had an affair with her, but it was possible he killed her?

-To be fair, I would totally google a murder victim too.

-A bootie that matches the one Matt wore was found at the murder scene….so he is suspect numero uno in Ava’s eyes.

-Do you think Ted Bundy wore a shirt that said ‘I Fuck Corpses’ made me laugh more than it should have.

-So now we know Matt is most likely the killer.

-I am sure there will be other serial killers that will think you are hot enough to kill completely sent me…..

-Ava, if I had a serial killer in my house, I would not make a podcast about it….even if he had no idea I knew he was the killer.

-My Plumber, The Serial Killer sounds like something I would listen to or watch.

-Nathan being more worried about Ava having sexual fantasies about her buyers than having a killer in her house and her saying God put a serial killer in their house completely took me out…..

-911 and Queen in the same scene is…..a choice.

-Bringing a potential serial killer to go surfing so you can potentially be killed in the ocean is not a good idea, babe.

Episode 2 snark and highlights coming soon!

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