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Based On a True Story Snark and Highlights for Ted Bundy Bottle Opener

Based On a True Story Snark and Highlights for Ted Bundy Bottle Opener

-‘I know what you’re thinking, but good news! It wasn’t me!’ Matt is always so unintentionally hilarious.

-I hate to say it, but Matt is right, changing plans is a definite red flag. They are better off staying and laying low.

-There is something so odd for someone to say that a serial killer has game.

-Ava drinking wine while pregnant is…..a choice. As is everyone (minus Ava) taking E.

-So…Matt’s date is writing a docuseries about the Westside Ripper….and told him about it….well, it was nice knowing you, darling!

-I think everyone knew this chick was going to be killed.

-I am so confused….is everyone randomly hooking up now?

-This killing sequence–even though it is a fantasy sequence–is creepy AF.

-So wait…this chick being killed and the sexy times were all also fake? This episode is confusing me.

-Now Ava and Nathan are back to normal and declaring their love for one another and each other’s anatomy….I am again so confused as to if this is real or fake.

-There is nothing wrong with being coupon people.

-The Westside Ripper just announced he was at CrimeCon…..and people got way too excited about it.

-Matt confessed to killing Dahlia and now everyone is posting about it online and going crazy. Of course, he is using the voice disguiser he uses in the podcast and cannot be seen….so no one knows who he really is.

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-Ava dropped the burner phone and now Ruby is going to know everything!!

-So now Matt says he didn’t do it (to Nathan and Ava) in order to make the podcast work….that’s a new kind of messed up.

-Everyone is now so into the case…..and the podcast.

-Ruby now knows….will she be a victim or blackmail them?

Episode 6 next! Stay tuned!

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