ICYMI: Young Sheldon Recap for A Baby Shower and Testosterone-Rich Banter

ICYMI: Young Sheldon Recap for A Baby Shower and Testosterone-Rich Banter

ICYMI: Young Sheldon Recap for A Baby Shower and Testosterone-Rich Banter

The episode opens with Adult Sheldon talking about family traditions. He says he loves funerals and baby showers because he doesn’t have to be there.


Back in his young days, MeeMaw, Missy and Mary prepare for Mandy’s baby shower. As they throw around ideas, Georgie comes in, asking when the party is and volunteers to cancel his date with Amber. The ladies want to know if Mandy is aware of this and they tell her this is her idea.


Mary asks Mandy who she wants at the party and if she wants her mom there. Mandy is reluctant, but agrees.


At dinner, the ladies continue to talk about games for the shower, while Sheldon, George and Georgie talk about birth and what they can do instead of going to the shower. Mary wants them to invite Jim and his son since Audrey will be at the shower. George agrees, even though he is also reluctant with the plans.


Mary goes to talk to Jim to invite him to the guy’s event and to invite Audrey to the shower. Jim is excited even though he knows his son Connor will not be interested in watching the game. She then gives Audrey the invitation, only to be greeted by an attitude. However, Audrey agrees to help plan games and food for the shower.

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Sheldon tries to ask Dr. Linkletter about using the lab to avoid going to the party, but is turned down since it is on a Sunday. Dr. Linkletter says no and convinces him to go to the gathering for science.


The ladies plan the shower, with Audrey turning down every idea MeeMaw and Mary have.


Sheldon goes to the video store and has Missy help him pick out some male bonding movies.


Georgie and Amber talk about their relationships with Mandy and her ex, respectively. He wonders if he should get Mandy a gift for the shower and she convinces him it is a good idea. He then worries about her ex being big and burly has he described.


Mary is still upset over the shower planning with Audrey and complains to George. Meanwhile, Georgie gives Mandy a locket with a sonogram picture inside. She is touched, but a little sad when she learns it was Amber’s idea.


The guys arrive at the house. There is tension between Jim and Connor, who is not happy with his son being an artist and a vegetarian.


At the shower, Mary is taking her anger out on Missy while Brenda makes awkward conversation with Audrey and MeeMaw. She tries to go get punch, but changes her mind when she realizes it is non-alcoholic.


Missy goes to talk to Mandy and the two of them have a bonding moment.


The guys try to bond, but things are awkward. Sheldon tries to pretend he is into football, but is annoyed that he learned it for nothing since Connor is also uninterested. Jim and George try to bond as well, but decide to talk about the brisket instead.

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The baby shower continues to be awkward as they try to guess the weight of the baby.


Sheldon and Connor end up hitting it off once they realize they were tourtured by their older siblings.


Mandy opens her gifts and ends up fighting with Audrey over her moving back home. MeeMaw, Mary and Mandy accuse Audrey of not helping out when Georgie and the Coopers were there since the beginning. Mandy storms off and Audrey makes her family leave before they can eat or finish bonding over comic books.



The episode ends with Georgie playing with Mandy’s baby gifts (and wearing the nursing bra) while she rolls her eyes.

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