Based On a True Story Snark and Highlights for Love You Buzzfeed

Based On a True Story Snark and Highlights for Love You Buzzfeed

Based On a True Story Snark and Highlights for Love You Buzzfeed

-The podcast is viral! Buzzfeed, Charli D’Amelio and every news outlet is talking about them and wanting to know who the voice is.

-15 million downloads. NICE!

-Matt doing his research on Reddit to get more hits is a smart idea.

-Ruby inviting Carlos to the party is odd.

-Tori seems to be in a more mature place than when we saw her last—graduating college and not rushing into her relationship.

-Ruby called the number on the burner phone and now knows the killer’s identity…..will she die or will she blackmail everyone?

-Nathan wanting the dog he had to rehome back kind of breaks my heart.

-Ah, so Ruby is going to blackmail Ava! Called it!

-Ava lying and saying the podcast is fake is a good save!

-Ruby fell for it….or did she?

-Simon and Nathan are confusing the dog….that is so cruel!

-The dog pushed Simon into the fire….in Nathan’s fantasy to get him back.

-Matt knows something is up with the phone call…..will he go after Ava or figure out it was Ruby who called?

-This debate on whether or not the podcast is fake and if those helping the Westside Ripper makes me think one of these ladies won’t make it out of this party alive.

-Simon randomly giving Carlos a job and telling him not to come back into town was so unexpected.

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-Carlos and Ruby know it is Simon’s way to end the affair…..and the fact that Carlos left makes me wonder if he wanted the money or everything to end.

-Ruby is using the end of her affair to blackmail Ava into being a part of the podcast. We all knew this was going to happen….and now we know she will probably try and use her self proclaimed ‘amazing blow jobs’ to get Nathan to cut her in.

-Jessica Alba now wants the podcast cancelled and several celebrities, including Malia Obama and Tom Hanks, but Kanye and Jared the Subway dude want it saved…..that is disturbing.

-Of course Ruby was behind it all….and now she is having a meltdown and having a complete blow out with Simon….causing him to go on a shooting rampage….killing the dog. He then holds the entire party hostage.

-Matt jumps in to try and save the day by talking Simon down.

-Matt now knows the podcast is cancelled……..

-Episode 7 next, stay tuned.

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