Vanderpump Rules Snark and Highlights for 2/22/2023

Vanderpump Rules Snark and Highlights for 4/5/2023

Vanderpump Rules Snark and Highlights for 2/22/2023

-James and Ally are actually an adorable couple.

-Peter is really taking this breakup hard. It makes me so sad.

-Awe, poor Graham was so sick from an infection…..I am glad he is going to be okay.

-‘Don’t make out with Peter in front of customers.’ Thank you, Captain Freaking Obvious.

-I didn’t realize Raquel still really loved James. Seeing her cry like this is heartbreaking, but I am glad Lisa is there for her and to give her support.

-Something for Her is going to be a great restaurant. I cannot wait to go to LA and visit when it opens.

-Marry, F**k, Kill never ends well, but it can also be absolutely hilarious.

-I could never imagine getting a pet with a significant other, breaking up with them and never seeing said pet again. James loves Graham and it is crappy of Raquel to keep him from seeing him. Also the fact that she told him she didn’t tell him because she knew he would be upset really makes me mad.

-Who the EFF foes to a girls’ night and then tells one of their friends she wants to hook up with her ex-husband? That is messed up. Also, Scheana encouraging this is…..REALLY problematic, especially since it WAS DISCUSSED ON HER PODCAST!

-Lala has no room to talk about any of this when she hooked up with James.

-James has every right to move on, but he is being really crappy by shoving it in Raquel’s face.

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-Letting James see Graham as a one-time thing is……better than nothing?

-Lala asking the guys if their mamas gave them their names sent me……

-Tai’s workout videos are WHOA.

-This blind date is the most awkward thing ever. This dude not listening to Lala is pissing me off and I am not even there. He forgot she was sober after 45 seconds, thought she was a virgin and not a Virgo….I would want to leave too.

-Are you guys gonna drink tonight….said to the one who said three times she was sober. ::headdesk::

-I get why Raquel wants to know what happened with Lala and James, but it was also five years ago and they are no longer together, so is it really worth getting upset over at this point?

-FINALLY Ariana and Sandoval are on….they’ve been missing for most of the episode, especially Ariana.

-This pregame is definitely a double date ambush.

-WOW, Scheana should NOT have said anything about Katie hooking up with dudes to Tom. Seeing the hurt in his face is so sad.

-Can we talk about the rainbow Crocs? Like…..WHY are they a thing?

-Scheana apologized and promised to stop, so Katie needs to stop as well.

-Why does this episode feel like it is 100 hours long?

-OMG, this divorce better not be a storyline for the entire season.

-Katie needs to stop and listen to what she is being told and quit with this BS.

-Freaking finally, it is over, more next week!

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