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Mr. Monks Last Case A Monk MovieMR. MONK'S LAST CASE: A MONK MOVIE -- Pictured: (l-r) Tony Shalhoub as Adrian Monk, Melora Hardin as Trudy -- (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/PEACOCK)

Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie Highlights

-A flashback to the pilot… we get Sharona!

-Monk knowing everything about his stove is actually pretty cool.

-Brooke Adams in another Monk cameo!

-To be fair, I’d love to read a whole Monk memoir, stove and vacuum included.

-Poor Monk having his book cancelled and having to return the money he had for Molly’s wedding makes me so sad.

-Molly taking care of Monk during the pandemic is so sweet.

-Monk opening the window and Trudy appearing completely shook me….is she trying to tell him?

-Everyone’s you…..they’re gonna hate it.

-Natalie is in Atlanta and a realtor and Julie is 10 minutes away from her.

-Randy and Sharona are married and Benjy has a baby!

-The pandemic sent Monk back to square one.

-Griffin has a book and interviewing Rick Eden, the richest man on earth.

-Rick is going to be the first civilian to orbit earth…..and is the inventor of Eden Express….the Amazon equivalent.

-Why do I have the feeling Rick’s wife is going to be involved in the crime somehow? My guess is she will try to kill Rick but Griffin dies instead.

-Rick’s partner is dead…..Griffin thinks that Rick was involved…..Rick is onto him and tries to buy him off with a job….an offer Griffin refuses and it might come back to haunt him.

-Monk not being able to tip the delivery guy is so on brand for him.

-Dr. Bell wrote a book and Monk is trying to figure out which case is his….again, so on brand.

-The fact that Monk is refilling his meds makes me wonder if something more sinister is going on.

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-This bungee jump is going to end in disaster….so scared for Griffin.

-Bungee cord six feet too long….and killed Griffin……how did Rick pull this off?

-Trudy is now with Monk in the park…..I think he is planning suicide and she is trying to stop him.

-Monk going right to Molly when he learned of Griffin’s death shows that he truly loves her.

-Death by misadventure….but Molly knows it is murder.

-The gang is back together to work on the case and help Molly.

-The guy Molly saw when Griffin died was average, in his forties and wore white nail polish… Tom Sandoval is now a suspect? I know he cheated on Ariana and was a jerk after, but we can’t blame him for EVERYTHING!

-Monk looking into the case with Trudy’s help is everything I never knew this movie needed.

-White nail polish dude is NOT Tom Sandoval…..but a dude who works for Rick.

-Randy Disher Project has fans….and Stottlemeyer is the one who is the biggest fan…..or so he wants Randy to think!

-Stottlemeyer works for Rick and is rich…..will this be conflict of interest in the case?

-Stottlemeyer is not happy with the questioning of his boss.

-I expected to see Chief Vick, but love this chief and hope she convinces Monk to go back to work.

-Randy trying to prove Griffin’s death was murder with Legos and a theory about Rick lowering the bridge is so on brand for him.

-Stottlemeyer loves being rich…and farting through silk… he is a Real Housewife?

-Molly breaking down after finding the tux and vows made me cry so much.

-Nice knowing you, Lucas…..Rick is going to go after you next!

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-Dr. Bell is happy Monk is working on a new case, but still worried about him.

-This is what Monk needs to hear…that he is loved and he matters.

-Monk feeling as if he has no purpose or never made a difference is something so many people feel.

-Why would Rick threaten the animal shelter?

-Watson is the dog version of Monk!

-Monk talking about how nobody will miss Watson when really referring to himself is breaking my heart.

-The animal shelter is being threatened so the bomb can kill Lucas….it was just a business picked at random so Rick can detonate the bomb early and make people think it was for the shelter.

-Natalie wins for worst three point turn of all time.

-Monk tries to save Lucas….but it was too late….and he is attacked by dog poop.

-Stottlemeyer is back on Team Monk.

-How the heck is Monk going to get the laptop?

-Monk as a bartender is something I never knew I needed to see.

-Monk took so long making drinks that he ended up blowing his cover.

-Rick is trying to buy Monk off…..but he refuses….and admits to killing Griffin….only because he plans on killing Monk next.

-Monk says he will take the offer, but Rick is onto him….and time is ticking.

-Monk has the laptop but is lost somewhere in the house.

-Rick is chasing him outside!!!!

-Rick and Monk fight….with Monk being thrown into the water.

-Monk is still missing. Natalie and Molly are terrified out of their minds.

-Monk is safe….and is with the blow-up doll.

-Molly wants Monk to give up on the case because she can’t lose him too.

-Molly got a job in NY and wants Monk to move with her. He doesn’t want to go because he loves her.

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-Monk preparing to end it all…I cannot stop crying.

-Something at the funeral home is going to save Monk and solve the case.

-The twins have different sized heads…..causing them to fight….and Monk to solve the case.

-The space shuttle launch is about to take off…..but will Monk solve the case before it’s too late?

-Stottlemeyer saves the day, gets Rick arrested and quits his job….but keeps the watch.

-Randy and Natalie talk about the case….but get sidelined by Monk’s fears.

-Mrs. Eden is going to get a pretty penny after this…..

-It was the tape measure all along….Rick arranged to have it replaced to kill Griffin.

-You broke her baby’s heart…..and Monk’s, although he won’t admit it.

-The gang solved another case….and Stottlemeyer might be going to Jersey with Randy.

-Trudy is going to save Monk before he kills himself.

-Griffin thanks him for closing his case….as so all the other murder victims from cases he solved.

-One lady tells him she is waiting for him to solve her case.

-Monk finally realizes he has a purpose thanks to those who saved him….and Trudy. He now knows he has more cases to solve and more people to help and bring closure to for a long time.

-That ending with Trudy and his angels…..I am sobbing.


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