The Masked Singer Recap for 2/22/2023

The Masked Singer Recap for 2/22/2023

The Masked Singer Recap for 2/22/2023

-It’s ABBA Night! I am so excited for this!

Medusa is back to try and defend her place in the competition. She is a softie and sending love. Chris Martin is one of her clues, so it could mean they worked together or dated.

She sings Dancing Queen and it reminds me of when my buddy and I blasted it at work last week. This is quite an interesting rendition of the song, but it has a bit of a karaoke vibe.

Nick Viall from The Bachelor and Viall Files podcast comes out with a clue: A first class ticket that has Tokyo and 1996 written on it.

Guesses include Tuvalu, Lorde, Apple Martin, Dakota Johnson.


Night Owl takes the stage next. She broke chart records at 17 and set the stage for many pop princesses out there. is a triple threat and a baddie birdie of prey.

She sings Fernando and does amazing, especially for someone who prepared for this moment in 24 hours.

Napolean gives another clue in the form of bubble gum and being blue.

This has to be Debbie Gibson.

Guesses include Debbie Gibson, Paula Abdul, Belinda Carlisle, Martika, Kylie Minogue.


Rock Lobster has been a TV and movie actor, a dancer, a prankster and was expelled from three different schools.

He sings SOS and…….it is quite entertaining. I have no words for him….but I absolutely love his personality.

Shangela comes out with a gavel and yells BANG BANG BANG. The Rock Lobster says he is a great judge of character.

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Guesses include Howie Mandel, Martin Short, Steve-O


The first one eliminated is…..ROCK LOBSTER. He is none other than HOWIE MANDEL!


Medusa and Night Owl take on Winner Take All for the battle royale. Medusa wins, which means Night Owl is eliminated…..she is none other than DEBBIE GIBSON!

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