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Sammi’s Favorite Things: Memoir of the Year 2022 Part 1

Sammi’s Favorite Things: Memoir of the Year 2022 Part 1

There is always a story that will break your heart. It could be something told to you by a loved one, something you see on TV or something you heard on a podcast. Many times, these kinds of stories stay with us forever.

One of these stories is told by actress and singer Jennette McCurdy, who released her memoir I’m Glad My Mom Died earlier this year. The book tells the story of her life growing up in the public eye and how her mother pushed her into a life that led to an eating disorder, abuse and other disturbing events.

Jennette is open and honest in her book, all while showing strength and wisdom well beyond her years. She is a true role model for those who faced similar abuse and can help many others by telling her story.

This is why her book is one of TVGrapevine’s Memoir of the Year recipients for 2022.


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