Sammi’s Favorite Things: Dete Meserve

As everyone who reads my site knows, I LOVE to read.  If there is a book that is recommended to me, I will read it. On my hour long (each way!) commute to my job at the university, I can often be found reading on the bus via my Kindle app. For me, the Kindle is the best invention and cure-all for boredom and insomnia.   Download a book and have something to help with both in thirty seconds or less.

Anyway, I recently discovered a new author and immediately fell in love. Date Meserve is the woman behind Good Sam, which was recently made into a movie starring Tiya Sircar from The Good Place. In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, the author revealed that she is overjoyed to have her book become a movie. She thinks there is such a positive message in it and that it will inspire people do do better in their own lives. She hopes that people enjoy both the movie and the book, both of which follow the life of a reporter who tries to track down the identity of an anonymous Good Samaritan. While the actual acts are a surprise, they have a positive impact on many people throughout the community. 

In addition, Dete has two other books on the market, a sequel to Good Sam called Perfectly Good  Crime and Random Acts of Kindness, which is like a modern day Chicken Soup For The Soul type book. Both books can be found on Amazon and are incredible reads that will have you doing little else—-because they are that difficult to put down! 

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However, the best thing about Dete is her love of kindness and her big heart. Getting to know her was an amazing honor and gift in my life. Her books and talent don’t do justice to the kind of person she is….she is by far someone who is an inspiration and should be viewed as such. I consider it a blessing that I now can say I know her and that she is someone to be very special. 

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