20 years ago, a Preschooler Decided to Help Animals after a Presentation by Animal Hero Kids Founder, Susan Hargreaves

By Celebrity Writer, Jules Lavallee 

We know that children are very impressionable. Animal Hero Kids Founder, Susan Hargreaves has spent over 40 years providing educational programs for animal compassion. 20-years ago, she shared a presentation by Animal Hero Kids that resonated in the heart of a little boy, Wyatt Bergwin. “Wyatt went on to graduate from film school in NY in the midst of the epidemic and was driving back with his old rescued cat in his car when I happened to be speaking to his mum about volunteering for Animal Hero Kids.”- Susan Hargreaves  



Susan Hargreaves, author of Veganza Animal Hero, Animal Hero Kids and presenter, has reached millions of people of all ages with her kind to all animals’ education programs in her 41 years of effective presentations. Today the Veganza Animal Hero claymation filmmaker is the same little boy who in his Miami preschool learned how to be an animal hero when Susan visited his classroom. 


To Susan and Wyatt 


Do you recall this specific presentation so long ago which helped spawn today’s reality of the Veganza Animal Hero Claymation film? 


Susan –The numbers of students from preschool to university I reach each year culminating in a number in the gazillions is hard to grasp, I do recall doing two schools in Miami Beach in one day, an elementary school and a pre-school, little did I realize at the time, Wyatt in pre-school and his sister in elementary would grow up to be so conscious of doing the right thing for animals. 

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Wyatt- I was only 5-years-old at the time, so my memory is kind of hazy, but I do remember the presentation since it was also around that time in my life that I also first decided to go vegetarian! I think Susan’s programs are great because kids at that age already love animals, and most haven’t yet made a connection between the food they eat and the animals that they love. It’s really important to teach indiscriminating love and empathy to kids from a young age — it can clearly leave a lasting impression.



Can you tell us about the Veganza Animal Hero claymation without giving the surprise element away? 


Susan -Isn’t it about time we include a superhero who is a mature grown-up woman in our entertainment world? Veganza is the first vegan woman superhero who empowers others with empathy which creates more animal heroes. Courage is the first brown vegan mermaid who protects all the creatures of the sea. Together the two heroes are unbeatable defenders.


Wyatt- Susan wrote a really sweet story about how young people can be superheroes, just by helping animals, caring about our environment, going vegan — simple things that can actually really save our world. It’s my job now to bring that story to life with clay! It’s exciting to work on a project that can really inspire the next generation to live more empathetically. I also think it shows kids the power of making art, and how we can communicate really important ideas through creative means!



Reporters note: Wyatt had to return to filming with his team as they were busy working on completing the action of the film before focusing on it being voiced over by celebrities.

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Why are you asking celebrities to help?

Susan-The wings of Veganza Animal Hero will fly all around the world with the help from celebrities. The small grassroots non-profit Animal Hero Kids needs support from those with a large arena. I am thankful to Joaquin Phoenix, Paul McCartney, and Billie Eilish’s mum for contributing supportive quotes for Animal Hero Kids work . If anyone reading this knows of any opportunities to grow the Veganza Animal Hero claymation project please check out animalherokids.org and contact us through the site. 


You heard it here first or read it here first, Courage the mermaid will be voiced by Angela Means-Kaya of the movie Friday fame, her character Felicia is behind the iconic phrase, “Bye Felicia” now it’s ‘Hi Courage “ Angela has helped lead Animal Hero Kids programs in Los Angeles and has lent her considerable vegan chef expertise to provide vegan fare for underserved populations, she is also the entrepreneur behind the Jackfruit Cafe. I am so thrilled Angela has confirmed being the voice of Courage. We are still searching for more celebrity voices. 


What can readers do to help support kindness to all education and youth empowerment work of Animal Hero Kids?

Has there ever been a time where we need more kindness, more consideration, more empathy? Join us, if you are a child or a teen and wish to join the Animal Hero Kids crew ask your guardian to read all about it with you to fill in the form on the site. We are also always looking for volunteers of all ages to help including artists, photographers, social media mavens, video editors, donors, site builders, we are even searching for volunteers to create green hero capes, too. 

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Veganza Animal Hero book profits go to fund our free programs. Check out Animalherokids.org 

Veganza Animal Hero | Susan Hargreaves

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