Lego Masters Recap for 11/23/2022

Lego Masters Recap for 11/23/2022

Lego Masters Recap for 11/23/2022

Tonight’s episode of Lego Masters on Fox has our final six teams making castles that must be sky high and withstand having objects thrown at it. Their themes will be based on a character that they choose out of a hat.


The teams quickly get to work. They all have amazing ideas, but Will is more interested in smashing everything to smithereens….and he demonstrates how it will happen by smashing a pre-made castle.


Nick and Stacey make an Arctric Fortress.


Greg tries to see what everyone else is doing, so Emily gets back at him by trying to ask about his ideas.


Austin and Justin decide to have their wizard visit another castle. They struggle a bit, but refuse to start over….they just adjust their theme to make the wizards duel instead.


Brendan and  Greg make their Jester seem jolly and fun.


As they work, Evil Will comes out and says that there is a twist…..everything will get smashed to pieces…..not knowing that they already know this information.


The Stephens have the troll and work on making their stand test work.


Liam and Emily have the troll queen and make a curse for the castle.


Emily and David have a forest maiden theme with a nature twist.


As the teams work, Will, Amy and Jamie make their rounds, voicing their concerns and giving commentary.


Before long, time is up and the castles must be judged. Brendan and Greg opt to NOT use the Golden Brick.

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Will, Amy and Jamie give the pros and cons on each castle before destroying them one by one.


Dave and Emily and Brendan and Greg are in the top two, with Brendan and Greg winning the challenge.


Austin and Justin Nick and Stacey are in the bottom two, with Austin and Justin going home.


More tomorrow, stay tuned!

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