Lego Masters Recap for June 15, 2021: Make and Shake

Lego Masters Recap for June 15, 2021: Make and Shake

Lego Masters Recap for June 15, 2021: Make and Shake

Tonight’s episode of Lego Masters on Fox has 9-1-1 star and Party of Five alum Jennifer Love Hewitt as a guest star. She will join Brickmasters Amy and Jamie and host Will Arnett.

She is introduced by Will via a faux earthquake and 911 call, which, of course plays homage to her current role.

The teams have to build a massive structure on top of shake plate that will be tested on the brick-ter scale. The longer it lasts, the better.  They have eight hours to complete the challenge.

The teams get to work immediately. As they get started, the judges and Will walk around, talking to them and asking questions.

Will calls Jennifer again (who is in character as Maddie) to ask more questions. This time, Jamie is in on the action, which makes her more annoyed.

Each team continues to work on their masterpiece, hoping that it is strong enough to withstand the power of the brick-ter scale. Most of the teams seem to struggle, making the judges and Will wonder if Zack and Wayne will use their golden brick.

Before long, time is up and it is time to test out their creations. Zack and Wayne decide to cash in their golden brick to protect themselves from elimination.

Caleb and Jacob–level 8

Michelle and Natalie–level 9

Maria and Phillip–level 10

Moto and Paras–level 11

Bryan and Lauren–level 10

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Randall and Syreeta–level 10

Zack and Wayne–level 10

Dave and Richard–level 11

Tim and Zach–level 8

Susan and Jen–level 11

The top three teams are called forward and told that Dave and Richard won this week’s challenge.

Tim and Zach and Caleb and Jacob are in the bottom two, with Tim and Zach going home.

More next week, stay tuned!


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