Big Brother 24 Recap for 9/18/2022: Who Is On The Block?

Big Brother 24 Recap for 9/18/2022: Who Is On The Block?

Big Brother 24 Recap for 9/18/2022: Who Is On The Block?

This week’s Big Brother 24 on CBS opens with the aftermath of the HOH competition. Taylor wonders who voted for her to be evicted, Tuner realized Brittany cannot be trusted and Brittany wonders what will happen next.


There are a bunch of flashbacks with Brittany talking about how she wants Taylor gone because she thinks it will be best for her game. She tells this to Turner, who then spills everything to Monte and Taylor. This is when the plan to get rid of Alyssa goes into action.


Brittany continues to lie to Taylor about voting her out, but Taylor is on to her game. She is ready to do whatever it takes to win the show….so she is questioning Brittany to see if she will crack. Brittany is not happy because she knows she is probably on the block.


Monte and Taylor talk and agree that Turner and Brittany should go on the block.


Turner talks to Brittany about the previous vote and more of less shames her for voting for Taylor. Brittany thinks he is a hypocrite because he has thrown people under the bus in the past.


Nomination time! Turner and Brittany are on the block because they both denied voting for her in the eviction ceremony. Brittany plans on using this to her advantage and throw Turner under the bus. Turner thinks that this will finally get Brittany evicted.

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POV time! Everyone must match dates to pictures correctly first. Everyone seems to struggle with this, but in the end, it is Monte who wins POV, which means that the nominations will most likely stay the same.


Taylor and Monte make out and the episode comes to a close.

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