Big Brother 24 Recap for 9/7/2022: BB Comics Returns

Big Brother 24 Recap for 9/7/2022: BB Comics Returns

Big Brother 24 Recap for 9/7/2022: BB Comics Returns

Tonight’s episode of CBS’s Big Brother 24 picks up with the aftermath of the nomination ceremony. Michael assures Alyssa she has nothing to worry about this week, while Terrance broods over being on the block again.


Turner and Alyssa talk about this turn of events. He plans on throwing Terrance under the bus to make sure he doesn’t get backdoored. Terrance, for his part, wants Michael to know that people are planning to blindside him and it all happened under Turner’s HOH.


Alyssa feels safe on the block and thinks she has a chance to be taken down. She plans to work with Michael.


Terrance tells Michael what was going on and threatens to turn the jury against him by telling everyone that he and Brittany knew about what Kyle was saying.


Turner also talks to Michael, but at this point, Michael isn’t sure he can trust him since he as lied so much already.


POV pick time! Everyone except Turner is playing this week. This is because Terrance chose Taylor in Houseguest Choice because he thinks that if Turner doesn’t play, there is a better chance of him being backdoored.



Brittany tells Terrance is is better to keep him in the house and promises to talk to Michael about backdooring a bigger threat. However, at this point, Michael wants to keep his promise to Turner and keep him off the block.

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POV time! It is the return of BB Comics and the one who finishes in the fastest time wins. It appears they need to spot the differences in two similar comics?


MICHAEL WINS and sets a record for winning the most veto comps.



Brittany still wants to backdoor Turner, but tries to throw him off by making a final two deal with him. Of course, Turner goes to Michael with this news. He also tells Brittany that Monte would be a good target.


Michael worries about becoming a target when his HOH reign is over.


Michael decides NOT to use the POV. Terrance is still the target.


Double eviction tomorrow, stay tuned.

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