Big Brother 24 Recap for 9/8/2022: Double Eviction and Final Five Revealed

Big Brother 24 Recap for 9/8/2022: Double Eviction and Final Five Revealed

Big Brother 24 Recap for 9/8/2022: Double Eviction and Final Five Revealed

Tonight is double eviction night on CBS’s Big Brother 24. Terrance and Alyssa are on the block, but later on, there will be a second eviction.


For now though, we are focusing on the post POV meeting, where Michael decided against using the POV. Alyssa wants to start an alliance with Taylor and Brittany. She thinks she is going to be safe this week, so she is making sure she has a plan in place for her remaining time on the show.


Terrance, on the other hand, is worried about his fate and talks to Taylor about it. She knows they don’t see eye to eye and thinks it is too little, too late for him to be going to her for help.


We have a moment of Turner-isms to break up the tension.


Terrance also talks to Monte in hopes of getting him on his side. Monte thinks there is a possibility the two men can help each other, especially since he know Alyssa can probably rely on getting at least three jury votes. He talks to Taylor about this, but she thinks that Terrance cannot be trusted.


Jury segment! There is a lot of hugging, laughing and crying with Jasmine, Joseph and Indy. Kyle then joins them and they all discuss everything that has happened in the house, including Big Brochella, Dyre Fest, Kyle’s problematic comments and everything in between. Nobody is happy with Kyle at this point. Indy walks away from him, while Jasmine and Joseph call him out on everything.

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Later on, Kyle and Indy seem to come to an understanding and hug it out.


Turner and Terrance talk about the girls forming a final three and wonder if they should join forces with Michael after all. They decide to tell him they want an all male alliance, which Michael agrees to, since he thinks it will keep him safe.


After a game of guessing who is lying about their occupations, the guys make a plan to target girls they are not close to in order to keep blood off their hands.


Eviction time! Terrance is evicted in a unanimous vote. He talks to Julie before being sent to the jury.


Hour two kicks off with the second HOH, which will lead to the second eviction.


HOH time! They watch videos and answer questions about what colors they see.


Turner wins and immediately tells Alyssa to trust him with his plan.


Brittany and Alyssa are on the block, and the POV comp begins. They have to untangle rope in the shortest amount of time and get to the other side of the yard.


Monte wins POV.


Alyssa is off the block, Michael is put on.


Eviction time! In a unanimous vote, Michael is evicted from the house and sent to jury. He is not happy and makes it clear in his interview with Julie.


More Sunday, stay tuned!


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