Big Brother 24 Recap for 9/4/2022: Zingbot Returns

Big Brother 24 Recap for 9/4/2022: Zingbot Returns

Big Brother 24 Recap for 9/4/2022: Zingbot Returns

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 24 on CBS opens with the HOH competition. It looks like a running and puzzle building type game, but it is never quite explained, nor do I recall them explaining it in the previous episode.


Everyone seems to want Michael to go next, but he is dominating the competition and ends up winning fairly quickly. Everyone else is dumbfounded that he won so quickly, but still not surprised he won.


Brittany is delighted over this turn of events because she knows it means she is safe this week. Taylor is also thrilled because she is also likely to be safe and she made it to the final six. Michael tells them both that they decide what happens this week.


Turner also thinks he is safe because Michael promised him safety this week. Alyssa, Terrance and Monte, on the other hand are worried.


Taylor and Alyssa have some girl talk and Alyssa admits that she and Kyle made up before he left. However, she isn’t sure where this relationship is going once the show is over.


Monte and Terrance continue to worry about Michael’s winning streak and wonder if he will ever slip up in another comp, especially since he is playing in the POV comp later on in the week.


Zingbot!!! He picks on Turner for his hygiene skills, Michael for needing a mask, Monte for being boring, Terrance for being old, Taylor for being cold, Alyssa for being useless and Brittany for having crazy eyes.

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Turner and Monte continue to worry about Michael and Brittany running the house and wonder what they can do to stay in the house.


Taylor and Brittany come up with their own strategy to find a way to get rid of Michael next week—but don’t want to do it too early…..but Brittany is really playing Taylor.



Alyssa has a sore back….so Brittany puts her in a trance? Okay?


Terrance and Michael have a talk about Dyre Fest and what really happened. Michael still thinks that Terrance is hiding something. He thinks that he would have been sent home had he not won the POV. He is now worried about what will happen once his time as HOH is over.


Alyssa and Michael talk as well.….where she shares information that she got from Kyle.


Turner and Kyle talk next. Michael knows he cannot trust Turner and it seems like he might backdoor him so they don’t do an HOH back and forth.

Nomination time! Alyssa and Terrance are on the block.


More Wednesday, stay tuned!




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