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The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Ex-Wives Club Episode 4 Snark and Highlights

The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Ex-Wives Club Episode 4 Snark and Highlights

  • I just realized that their names are in alphabetical order during the intro.
  • Dorinda’s morning time seems so relaxing.
  • I like how the women are planning an event of their own each day. This time, it is Taylor, who is doing 80s aerobics with Dorinda, a tea party and other fun surprises.
  • Brandi explaining what a mangina is probably made things worse. Eva was a lot nicer than I would be to listen to her and kind of let it go.
  • These aerobics outfits remind me of that episode of The Golden Girls where they decided to join a gym and Dorothy and Blanche got roped into buying flashy, expensive outfits.
  • Shouldn’t Dorinda have told the women about the no food in the bedroom rule when everyone arrived? Also, why did she put food in their rooms in the first place.
  • Did we seriously spend ten minutes on this no food in bedrooms rule? Also why did Dorinda not understand that Tamra was upset over her behavior and not the rule?
  • I don’t know if this is Scary Island or Bluestone Manor. Same, Phaedra, same.
  • Even Marco didn’t know the rule was in effect for this event, so maybe Dorinda should have been more clear about the rule.
  • Richard Simmons meets Elton John……I can see it and I like it!
  • Eva eating and taking shots before the workout is such a mood.
  • Tamra and Vicki skip the event and break the no food upstairs rule by eating the food Dorinda put there in the first place.
  • Marco seems so sweet, just saying.
  • The workout event looked fun.
  • I forgot that Taylor spent $50,000 on Kennedy’s birthday party.
  • This venue looks gorgeous!
  • Are they still fighting over this stupid rule? Sheesh, LET IT GO!
  • FINALLY! Everyone hugged it out and seem to be getting along.
  • Jill talking about her history with Dorinda is interesting….I never knew that Jill got her on the show and how much she did for her when Richard was dying.
  • The prohibition party looks like a blast based on the costumes alone.
  • This bunghole thing is…..interesting, but something I would try.
  • I love how even Marco is getting in on the action when they decide to dance with the burlesque dancer Dorinda invited.
  • Brandi is being so rude by interrupting Dorinda’s story and then pulling Tamra away to drink and dance in the kitchen.
  • Phaedra punishing her son while on vacation because he was being naughty at home was an unexpected moment, but one that showed how dedicated she is to being a mom.
  • First of all, I think Jill was joking about being on Eva’s show and second of all, Dorinda never should have said anything or gotten involved.
  • Why is Dorinda even involved in this? Eva said no, Jill seemed okay with it and was again, probably joking about being on the bed, so I fail to see why she got involved.
  • More next week, stay tuned.
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