ICYMI: How We Roll Recap for The Sponsor

ICYMI: How We Roll Recap for The Sponsor

ICYMI: How We Roll Recap for The Sponsor

The episode opens with Archie telling everyone in the bowling alley how Tom became a successful bowler. Tom, who is there with Jen, also shares his story and shows off his PBA card as everyone toasts to him.

Jen and Sam go home, while Lew tells Tom that he got him an interview on TV. Tom is thrilled about this turn of events and thanks him for making it happen….and for being his manager.

The next day, Tom arrives at the bowling alley. Archie is mad he is late, but Tom tells him that he was getting ready for the interview. Archie says he is not prepared since he didn’t wax his head.

Lew comes over with a hat, which he convinces Tom to wear. Tom wonders how he looks, which leads to Archie insulting him.

At home, the whole family watches together. Helen is snarky over the fact that he kept using the word henceforth, while Jen convinces him that he looked handsome.

Back at the bowling alley, Archie continues to insult Tom, while Lew tells him the local mortuary wants to sponsor him, but he can only wear their logo during tournaments. They think Archie will understand.

Jen is at the salon, talking to a co-worker who gets men by telling them she is J.Lo’s sister. As they talk, Jen’s client Lee comes in, wanting pink hair. Jen is excited about this, but her boss Ruth won’t let her do it because it is not a traditional look.

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That night Jen comes home upset over her job, but her mood improves when Tom tells her about the sponsorship. Jen asks him what Archie thinks, which kind of dampers the mood.

The next day, Tom finally tells Archie about the sponsor. He is not happy and tells him to clear out. This causes a huge argument between the men.

Jen does Lee’s hair at home when Tom comes home, upset over the fight with Archie. Jen helps him see Archie’s side, which leads to Tom going to talk ton Archie.

Helen brings Archie and Tom food. Archie fills him in on the fight and she helps him see how much Tom loves him. She won’t let him eat until he works things out with Tom.

Tom visits the mortuary to talk  to the owner Jacob about the logo. He wants to put both logos on his jersey, but no avail.

Back at the salon, Ruth reprimands Jen for doing Lee’s hair. She is told that she can do what she wants when she has her own salon.

Archie and Tom make up. Tom gives him a check from Jacob and says that Archie is his sponsor now.

The episode ends with the gang eating dinner together and Lee bringing over a friend who also wants her hair done.

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