Big Brother 24 Live Feeds: Manic Monday

Big Brother 24 Live Feeds: Manic Monday

The following highlights are from yesterday’s live feeds, which were obtained via Paramount Plus and Big Brother Network. All statements are based on what I read and heard and in my own words.

Spoilers ahead, you have been warned.

  • Everyone suddenly seems worried about following the rules and how they are perceived in the house, especially Paloma.
  • Taylor is most likely going home if she is put on the block. Everyone thinks she hasn’t made an impact and that it won’t make Daniel a target if she leaves.
  • It looks like Michael won POV and Taylor is the replacement nom. Paloma tells her to keep fighting and she is her friend….which is unexpected.
  • Taylor apologizes for rubbing people the wrong way. Daniel tells her she is killing it and did well by talking to Paloma.
  • Monte and Brittany seem to be forming a bond and she wants him in her alliance. He will think about it. They do agree that Indy would be a good target for next week.
  • There has apparently been more talk about the Backstage pass people, making everyone wonder if there will be a competition of some sort to make two of them the real nominees this week.
  • Taylor issues apologies to the houseguests and they seem to be coming around to her and finally accepting her….but is it too little, too late?
  • Ameerah speculates that there will be a double elimination this week. Daniel doesn’t think this is the case, but instead thinks that one of the Backstage people will be a third nominee.
  • Indy, Brittany and Ameerah are targets for next week, while Paloma is another one Pooch and Joseph want gone.
  • The house is once again against Taylor because they think she can’t be trusted with her gameplay.
  • Paloma wants Pooch and Turner gone.
  • Terrance tells Taylor he is upset they are both on the block and they need a miracle to keep them both in the house.
  • Taylor continue to make amends and ends up forming a possible alliance with Brittany. She also talks to Monte who misunderstood her initial intentions with her gameplay.
  • There are rumors that Ameerah wants to get rid of Pooch. It is also rumored this is being instigated by Brittany.
  • In another twist of events, Taylor seems to bond with Joseph and Pooch.
  • Daniel thinks Paloma is losing it and wants to get out of there alliance and instead work with Nicole and Ameerah.
  • Nicole thinks that IF Taylor stays, she will be right back on the block with Michael.
  • Michael worries about what will happen if Taylor is evicted in a unanimous vote.
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