ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Twerk O’ Clock

ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Twerk O' Clock

ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Twerk O’ Clock

The episode opens with Bob talking to Abishola about choosing an outfit for traveling to Malaysia. She suggests the blue suit, but he wants to bring both in case he changes his mind.


Dottie recalls her days of negotiating and travel in the eighties, which also included JR Ewing. After she goes to her room, Abishola suggests that Bob take her along on the trip. Bob doesn’t want to, but Abishola think it will be good for her. However, when asked, Dottie says no.


Later on, Abishola tries to have a girl’s night with Ebun, who is suspicious of her motives. The night only ends up awkward for the both of them.


In Malaysia, Dottie is being snarky about things when they run into Wati, who insists they stay with his family. Bob thinks this will be messy since they plan on letting him go in the next six months.


Olu and Morenike are planning on going to brunch, leaving Tunde behind to watch TV. Abishola comes over and feels left out, so the ladies let her join them.


Back in Malaysia, Bob and Dottie have dinner with Wati’s family, complete with Jack Daniels. They catch up on life, which includes Wati’s daughter partying in college, thanks to the Wheelers.


The ladies are at brunch, which turns out to also be a drag show. Olu and Morenike are having a blast, but Abishola is uncomfortable.

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Bob finally tells Wati about the fact that his services no longer being needed, which results in him and Dottie getting kicked out of the house.

Abishola is still not comfortable at the brunch, so the ladies tell her to loosen up. Olu is asked by one of the performers if she will be singing and she says that anything is possible if she continues to drink. She also shows off her twerking skills.


Bob and Dottie are at a bar discussing the Wati situation. Dottie doesn’t think that Bob can deal with doing the dirty work, He insists he can….all while finding out that Dottie was more than a little involved with his math tutor.


Gloria and Kemi discuss the drag brunch with Abishola and help her see things in a new light.


Dottie goes to visit Wati and ends up offering him a job in America. He takes her up on it and they toast to the new deal.


Bob and Abishola are on the phone when she runs into one of the performers from the show. The two of them have a nice conversation and end up bonding. Bob, for his part, is shocked by Dottie’s news about Wati.


The episode ends with all of them arguing over the new logo….and finding out about Wati. Kofo, Doug and Christina are upset, but Goodwin seems happy.

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