ICYMI: Big Brother 24 Live Feeds: Friday Fun

ICYMI: Big Brother 24 Live Feeds: Friday Fun

ICYMI: Big Brother 24 Live Feeds: Friday Fun

  • Today’s live feed highlights, as always, come from Paramount Plus and Big Brother Network.
  • There will be show spoilers….you have been warned. Everything is in my own words based on what I have seen and read.
  • The HOH competition continued on where we left off on the show last night. This was NOT shown on the feeds, but when they return, we do find out who won the coveted title.
  • It looks like the new HOH is none other than….Miss Jasmine!
  • It looks like Pooch is the target this week, but it is uncertain if he will go up against Brittany, Turner or Taylor. However, he thinks he is going to be a pawn, since he volunteered himself as such.
  • There is also worry that if he wins POV, Taylor could be the replacement nom and go home.
  • Taylor has proven to the house that she can be trusted…..but Brittany still wants her on the block.
  • Brittany is accused of saying that Ameerah wants Pooch out of the house, but she denies ever saying this.
  • Kyle seems to be the one Jasmine trusts the most, so she bounces ideas off of him as to what to do in terms of nominations. He tells her Pooch and Taylor would be her best bet in terms of not getting blood on her hands.
  • Jasmine says she thought Pooch and Kyle were best friends, but Kyle says that is more one sided on Pooch’s part and he won’t be sad to see him go.
  • As of right now, Pooch and Taylor are on the block, with Pooch having the numbers to go home. Jasmine is honest with Taylor about this…and the plan is to have Michael be in the POV competition if there is an HG choice so he can take her off the block.
  • Pooch thinks that he is going to be safe and wants a plan in place to make sure Taylor doesn’t win POV.
  • Pooch and Taylor are OFFICIALLY on the block. Pooch is the main target.
  • Monte is a possible backdoor option.
  • Daniel wants Taylor gone, but later decides to work with the girls and get rid of Pooch.
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