Big Brother 24 Recap for 8/17/2022: Was the POV Used?

Big Brother 24 Recap for 8/17/2022: Was the POV Used?

Big Brother 24 Recap for 8/17/2022: Was the POV Used?

Tonight’s episode of CBS’s Big Brother 24 opens with Taylor worrying about who she will send to jury during her HOH reign.


Terrance is worried that it may be him, but Taylor assures him that is not the case and she plans on backdooring Monte. However, Terrance knows this is a big, fat lie because he can tell she is working with Monte and others in the house who are NOT on the block.


Taylor also assures Indy that she is safe and that she is backdooring Monte. She even promises to take her off the block if she wins POV instead of Indy.


Terrance talks to Joseph about being on the block and thinks this week will help him see who Taylor is aligned with in the house. Of course, Joseph spills this information to Taylor and volunteers to be backdoored as a pawn, thinking this can protect their alliance.


Michael hears this plan and tells Joseph it is a bad idea, but he thinks it could really help him and Brittany down the line.


POV picks! Taylor, Terrance, Indy, Jasmine, Alyssa and Kyle are in the competition.


Before we get to the comp, the rest of the Leftovers try and convince Taylor to target Indy instead. They think that she is a bigger threat and her alliance with the other girls can be dangerous to their game.

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The POV competition has each player bounce a ball down a guitar in the backyard. Each section had points and the one with the least amount of points in  each round is eliminated.


They will also get a prize or punishment, which can

traded with the person who is eliminated next.


Terrance is eliminated first and gets POV. However, someone can steal it at any time.


Indy is next and gets Ink 182, where she will get 182 tattoos over the week. She takes the POV.


Taylor is eliminated next and gets a trip to London.


Alyssa gets the punishment of being chained to another houseguest for 48 hours. She takes the London trip.


Jasmine is out next and wins $5000. She takes the London trip.


Kyle wins and gets the unitard punishment. He takes POV.


To recap, Kyle has POV, Jasmine has the trip. Alyssa has the cash, Indy has the unitard, Terrance has the tattoos and Taylor is chained to someone for 48 hours.


Alyssa is glad Kyle has POV because it will save her, epsecially since she took the trip from Taylor.

However, the other Leftovers want Alyssa on the block to break up her showmance with Kyle.


We will find out what will happen tomorrow….stay tuned!



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