America’s Got Talent Recap for 7/19/2022

America's Got Talent Recap for 7/19/2022

America’s Got Talent Recap for 7/19/2022

Act 1: Amoukomama (Acrobatics): This group is from Africa and do a fun dance/acrobatic routine with hoops, jumps and flips. It is exciting to watch and it doesn’t hurt that they are easy on the eyes.


Three yeses!


Act 2: Sam Ceiri from Nicotine Dolls (musician): WOW, I am blown away by his voice….it was so unexpected, charismatic and powerful all at the same time.


Three yeses!


Reject act of some dude playing an oversized saxophone….badly.


Act 3: Maytree (musicians): This South Korean group performs various TV theme songs a cappella. They are brilliant, fun and bring back a lot of memories.


Three yeses!


Another quick audition makes it through the next round. They are a dance troupe that started with nothing and are now living the dream.


Three yeses!


Act 4: Svitlana (Dancer): She is from Ukraine and her father is serving on the front lines. (Prayers to her family). She does a lyrical meets Cirque du Soliel dance that is so captivating to watch….wow.


Three yeses!


Act 5: Jack the Whipper (whipper): He does an act showing off different ways to crack a whip. Simon buzzes him, but the audience finds him entertaining. He wanted to use Howie for the act, but since he isn’t there, he is convinced to use Simon. He whips between his legs….which earns Jack Simon’s respect.


Three yeses!


Act 6: Sing Harlem (choir): They sing Free Your Mind and actually are pretty good, despite reminding me of a middle school talent show. However, once they break out into Amazing Grace they become WINNING!

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Three yeses!



Act 7: John Glenn High School Dance Team(dance troupe): They are dressed like Howie Mandel clones and are pretty fun to watch. It is impressive how they can stay so in sync.


Four yeses!


Act 8: Amanda Mammana (musician): She is nineteen and has a speech impediment that causes her to stutter.


Her voice and guitar playing are beautiful, but her

spirit and incredible moving story are what make her stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

Four yeses!


More reject acts….


Act 9: Lazy Generation (comedy): They are a bunch of dudes laying down while someone jumps over them…..well okay! The act continues with a bunch of weird antics and ….I have no idea.


Sofia say no, but everyone else says yes.


More rejects….


Act 10: Yu Hojin (Magic): He is from Korea and an Army veteran. His dream is to do magic….and be the best he can be. He is able to do an act with feathers appearing and disappearing….but it is so peaceful and calming that it has a whole new effect.


Simon says no, everyone else says yes.


Act 11: Chapel Hart (girl group): They are a cool country group who instantly put me in a good mood. There is something so endearing about them and they make me smile from start to finish.





More next week, stay tuned!

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