America’s Got Talent Recap for 7/16/19

Tonight is the first Judges Cut for NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Julianne Hough, Gabrielle Union, Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell will be joined by Brad Paisley at the judge’s table while Terry Crews will host.

Lukas and Falco kick off the night with an improved dog act. The judges love it,, especially since it pays homage to The Greatest Showman. Simon especially loves it and plans to fight for him.

Andy Rowell brings back his karaoke act. This time, he sings Turn Down For What….ALL RIGHTY THEN!!!!

Jacko does a comedy act that Simon hates.

The Orange Magician performs and seems to get rave reviews. He seems fun, but I barely remember him from the first go round? 

Berywam does a beatboxing rap that pays homage to the show. It is very interesting, but not sure how it will compare to the other acts?

Dylan is a ten year old rapper that seems to only impress Brad. He is also another act I don’t remember.

Emerald Belles is the high school version of The Rockettes that everyone seems to love, although Jules thinks they are still a bit too high school. Simon wants to fight for them.

The Sentimentalists do a mentalist act that seems to focus on Brad. They guess a picture on his phone, as well as the colors of marbles. Howie isn’t impressed, but Jules promises to fight for them.

Duo Togni does an acrobatic act that Howie and Simon seem to love.  Howie plans to fight for them.

Sophie Pecora wows everyone with her teenage angst music and earns the Golden Buzzer from Brad. 

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Dakota and Nadia do a contemporary act. They got the Golden Buzzer on France’s Got Talent, but fail to impress on this version of the show.

Kevin Schwartz is a shy comedian who is adorable, but fails to impress on this go round.

Other acts to perform include Loki the Hoo Boy, Matthew Richardson the hoop aerialist, Damir the subway busker and Swedish Idol Winner Chris Kllafford. Chris seems to impress the most, while Loki seems to have the opposite effect.

The Messudi Brothers do a hand balancing act that eventually includes their dad. They impress despite the fact that they are doing their act without their necessities and food, thanks to their luggage getting lost.

NDLOVU Youth Choir end the night with their amazing voices and incredible story of how they came from nothing and ended up on the show. Their singing mixed with choreography impresses everyone and leaves he judges wanting more.

Deliberation!! Moving on to the next round:

Sophie Pecora – Brad Paisley’s Golden Buzzer

Emerald Belles
Messoudi Brothers

Lukas & Falco

NDLOVU Youth Choir

Chris Klafford

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