American Song Contest Recap for 5/2/2022

American Song Contest Recap for 5/2/2022

American Song Contest Recap for 5/2/2022

Alexa, Riker Lynch, Ni/Co and Jordan Smith are all in the next round, along with Allen Stone.

Puerto Rico: Christian Pagan with Loko–He did a great job and once again gave a ton of Ricky Martin vibes. It was a fun, exciting performance and I will definitely be adding this song to my workout playlist.

North Carolina: Jason Morgan with Right in the Middle–This song is making me cry so much tonight. I don’t know if it is because I am having a crappy day or what, but it is hitting me right in the feels.

Kansas: Broderick Jones with Tell Me--WOW. He reminds me of a baby Usher with his voice and personality. I absolutely adore him and smiled throughout his entire performance.

New York: Enisa with Green Light--I love the energy she brings into each and every performance. She just has something that makes her stand out and I am glad she has another chance to show it off to America!

North Dakota: Chloe Fredericks with Can’t Make You Love Me –I am getting serious Adele vibes from this performance. WOW, she is incredible and a powerhouse in the making–I am here for it!

Connecticut: Michael Bolton with Beautiful World–This song is exactly what the world needs right now. It is a power ballad and I am in tears listening to him sing—it is just that good!

Texas: Grant Knoche with Mr. Independent–Wow, he is sexy AF and just really brings everything to the stage. I can totally see him being the next big heartthrob in music–like Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake and many before him.

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California: Sweet Taboo with Keys to the Kingdom –This is another song that is going directly on my workout playlist. I love it and it immediately put me in a better, happier mood. The ladies are so much fun to watch and made me smile from start to finish.

Tennessee: Tyler Braden with Seventeen–What is it with all these emotional songs tonight? This one was such a powerful country ballad and had me bawling from the first note. There is something so touching about the lyrics and it has quickly become one of my favorite songs.

Georgia: Stela Cole with DIY–She is adorable and so much fun to watch. The song is catchy and fun….I can definitely see it being played in clubs and parties.

American Samoa: Tenelle with Full Circle– What a way to end the night! WOW. It is such a gorgeous performance and her voice is so soothing. Her brother is looking down on her right now from heaven beaming with pride.

Tonight’s winner–TYLER FROM TENNESSEE!

More next week, stay tuned!


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