ICYMI: How We Roll Series Premiere Recap

ICYMI: How We Roll Series Premiere Recap

ICYMI: How We Roll Series Premiere Recap

The episode opens with Tom looking back on losing his job how it ended up being the best thing that could have happened.

His son Sam is upset he is eating generic cereal. He tells him that they are magically saving money. His wife Jen says she has to work late at the salon so he has to pick up detergent.

Tom tells Jen he is focusing on his bowling and wants to compete in pro tournaments. She isn’t sure about this, but he says he can work more money doing this than working at his previous job.

Tom’s mother Helen walks in with food, a gift card and beer. She convinces him he needs bear spray and to come over and fix his furnace. He agrees and tells him about his job situation. She tries to offer advice, but isn’t very helpful.

Later on, Tom is getting ready to drive Sam to school. They bond over following dreams and Sam gives him a scratch off ticket. Tom tries to convince him that they don’t solve problems with gambling, but tries his luck when Sam goes to get his lunch. Tom loses.

At the bowling alley, Tom practices and tells Archie he told Jen that he wants to bowl professionally. Archie is thrilled and convinces him he is going to do well. He gives him advice and talks about how he made his dreams come true. His assistant Lew decides to help out as well.

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That night, Tom goes to help Helen, who says she can get him a job at another factory, thanks to blackmail on the owner. Tom isn’t sure and tells her about his plans. She thinks it is a bad idea and he turns the tables on her by saying she never takes chances.

Later on, the family comes home from Sam’s dance recital. He says this is what he wants to as he runs to bed. Tom says that this is inspiring him to go for his own dreams. Jen still isn’t convinced, but he is able to change her mind by telling her that bowling led him to her and their life together. She is convinced and leads him to the bedroom.

Archie and Lew help train Tom by having him watch videos of a pro bowler living his best life. His friend Carl gets in on the action as they try to convince him to go for it. Tom decides to leave, but still sneak watch said video.

Jen is showing her co-worker Sam’s dance video when Helen comes in for a haircut. However, it is an excuse for her to rant about Tom. Jen convinces her that  Helen protects him and she makes him happy. Helen seems satisfied with this and leaves sans haircut.

That night, Jen comes home filled with plans on how to make Tom’s pro career work. He still isn’t sure, but she convinces him he needs to do this to show their son to follow his dreams. She drives the point home by giving him a custom made bowling ball. She says they can be the family who wins. They seal the deal with a kiss, which Sam calls gross as the episode draws to a close.

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